Playbook for Facebook Automotive

The Automotive Playbook for Dealers was introduced by Facebook last month. What is the best Facebook strategy? and other frequently asked questions by dealers around the nation are addressed in this free handbook. What Facebook automobile ad has had the most success? 

A step-by-step campaign preparation guide is also provided in the recently released playbook, covering everything from recommended ad objectives to suggested audience targeting. 

There are intriguing consumer behavior statistics concerning cars in the playbook, along with more justifications for why you should always be running Facebook ads. It’s interesting to note that 80% of auto consumers in the past six months used Facebook to research their purchases. Dealers must have an “always-on” Facebook strategy to reach these consumers and guarantee that their dealership is seen by all in-market consumers. 

Facebook advises using a full-funnel advertising strategy in addition to an always-on message. The Facebook advertising funnel for the automotive industry is divided into four sections: 

Why shop here?


Clients for life

Promote events and promotions.  

Why Shop Here? 

Facebook made clear how unsure today’s car buyers are. Despite the fact that consumers are well-informed, 78% of those who want to buy a car in the next three months are still unsure about where they will go. A Reach or Local Awareness ad that promotes your “Why Buy” can help persuade such consumers to choose you. 


The second stage of the automotive Facebook funnel is displaying your available inventory to customers who are ready to buy due to the increase in inventory integration. Choose Here Advertising vehicles from your inventory online provides a 4x higher engagement rate than stock advertisements or single leasing offers.  Facebook advertisements have been displaying relevant autos to interested consumers for the past year, and each inventory ad is unique. This is the most individualized method of contacting people who are ready to buy an automobile. 

Clients for Life 

Facebook has encouraged marketers to make the most of their first-party data (customer lists, CRM contacts, and contest submissions). Your customers will continue to buy from you if you have a “Customers for Life” strategy. Reminders of lease renewals, service reminders or coupons, and special deals for unsold clients are all examples of promotional ideas. 

Advertising and Events 

Facebook is already pressuring auto dealers to give events another try, despite the fact that event response advertising has historically not had the best ROI. Events on Facebook pages can last up to two weeks. 

Through Facebook’s promotions and events objectives, dealers can promote tent sales, car seat safety classes, performance car meetups, seasonal sales, and more to increase in-store traffic. 

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Type 

Both the dealership’s auto inventory and brand need to be promoted. According to Facebook, dealers that use all ad types—from low-funnel to high-funnel—see better results than those who use a single-funnel approach. Spend time preparing your social advertising message, from the reasons consumers make purchases to the specific seasonal deals and discounts. 

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