Per Real Estate Agent Needs These 5 SimpSocial Features

Per Real Estate Agent Needs These 5 SimpSocial Features

Selling a property can be both difficult and exciting. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sales strategy for real estate agents and realtors. It takes a specific collection of skills, a lot of time, and incredible talent to get the attention of prospects and win their confidence to buy a million-dollar property investment.

We hear your challenges at SimpSocial, and we’re here to help you improve your sales operations. We’ll be there for you every step of the way, from making good contacts to winning your buyer’s confidence and finally closing the deal. That’s why we’ve built the best contact center program in the history of real estate sales for you.

Here are five tried-and-true SimpSocial solutions that will make selling real estate a breeze.

1 – It’s all in the cloud.

Working from home is no longer a choice, thanks to the workplace change brought about by the current pandemic. To ensure everyone’s safety, real estate agents and employees must be able to operate remotely. With SimpSocial’s cloud-based functionality, moving from the office to the field is easy.

SimpSocial can be accessed from any computer. Since all you need is an internet connection, you can function remotely anytime you want. SimpSocial’s live dashboard can also be used to manage sales events and quotas. Get the data and analytics you need to keep track of your main performance indicators (KPIs). It’s just as easy to collaborate with your team and agents from everywhere in the world.

2 – A Real Estate Professionals’ Sales Dialer

We provide you with more than just an auto dialer program. You can communicate and engage with hundreds of real estate leads in a single day using SimpSocial’s power dialer. All it takes is a single button press.

Power Dialer is much more intelligent than you can believe. It will predict when your call will go to voicemail, in addition to dialing the numbers of potential property buyers for you. When it detects you, it will leave you a prerecorded message, hang up, and move on to the next lead. It’ll save you a lot of time!

3 – CRM integrations in real time

We understand how important CRMs are to real estate agents, so we made it simpler (and a hundred times better) to use SimpSocial directly inside your preferred tool. To make integrations that work for you, we’ve collaborated with big CRMs like HubSpot and Pipedrive.

You don’t have to manually enter any of the data with our 2-way data sync. SimpSocial sends every call, email, and operation to your CRM, and vice versa. There will be no more manual data entry. There will be no more flipping between tabs.

SimpSocial CRM integrations

4 – Software for automating workflows

Have you ever wished that someone would take care of the mundane activities so you could concentrate on the more important ones? With SimpSocial’s automation software, you can remove repetitive tasks and increase productivity. For your communication center, we’ve gotten you some extra hands, eyes, and ears.

You will concentrate on improving customer experiences by automating your calls, follow-ups, and text messages. Leave marketing and prospecting to SimpSocial so you can spend more time engaging with valuable prospects.

With SimpSocial, you can simplify workflows.

5 – Help across all channels

Be where your customers are, and communicate with them across the channels they want. You can handle your calls, messages, and emails all in one place with SimpSocial. To successfully increase your response rates, you can initiate campaigns and monitor engagements through multiple platforms.

Do you want to follow up on a lead? You have a plethora of options: you can call, text, email, and even fax them right from SimpSocial. You’ll have a great chance of winning them over if you use all of your consumer channels. Isn’t this a fantastic chance to expedite your deals?

technology for omni-channel contact centers


SimpSocial is a strong contact center that recognizes REAL real estate sales challenges. For your sales and service needs, we also have a lot of features and resources! To learn more about how we can help you increase revenue and improve your contact center, schedule a demo or a consultation with one of our experts.

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