People Have Said: How SimpSocial Assists Various Businesses

As corny as it might sound, a company’s performance is determined by its customers. What they have to say about your product or service gives others an idea of what they should expect from your business. It gives them the power to make or destroy your company’s reputation.

Customers have more influence over companies than ever before in today’s social media-driven environment. As a result, companies should consider new ways to communicate with consumers and ensure that each interaction is seamless and meaningful.

This focuses on the most critical people who interact with your customers directly – your contact center staff.

Every business need has a solution.

We at SimpSocial develop solutions that help contact centers and businesses communicate with their customers more efficiently and provide better service. Our primary focus is to assist our clients in being the best company they can be for their customers.

Real estate power dialer

SimpSocial ensures that real estate agents’ success isn’t jeopardized by juggling too many leads at once. We’ve given them the best contact center tools they can use to convert both buyers and sellers of real estate.

With our sales dialer, agents have more options for connecting with their leads in less time.

“We learned about SMS marketing for home sellers and wholesale real estate from SimpSocial. With SimpSocial SMS marketing and dialer combined, we were able to triple our homes under contract acquisition.”

– RocketOffr’s Hayato S.

Law firms’ automation

One of SimpSocial’s best practices is to automate workflows. This aids companies in managing and organizing all of their client transactions. You can quickly manage the workflows if you keep them organized.

With SimpSocial, you can automate your calls, data lists, and call or text sequences. Automation makes it easy to run sales and marketing campaigns.

Some of our law firm clients who enjoy using this feature are mentioned below.

“I own and operate a mid-sized business that specializes in personal injury and employment law. The most difficult aspect of our job has been following up with leads over a long period of time. It’s all too convenient for our team to lose track of all the leads that we’ve paid for and end up losing them. We’ve put our follow-up sequences on autopilot thanks to SimpSocial! The program will call each lead as many times as we want before we are connected.”

– Tally S., Entrepreneur

“Success with Personal Injury leads necessitates a combination of pace and perseverance. In less than a minute, SimpSocial connects us with leads, and we’re the first company they contact. This means there will be more cases! Typically, 80% of potential clients want the company that calls them first, and we want to be the first caller. We do this with the aid of SimpSocial. The majority of the time, it’s their power dialer.”

– Small Business Owner Mona E.

Small business program that is all-in-one

SimpSocial is aware of the difficulties faced by small companies. Maintaining multiple apps for operations should be the last thing on one’s mind when running a successful company. SimpSocial envisioned and created a stable framework that allows users to handle the entire sales process in one location.

“It’s nuts to do anything in one device!

Until SimpSocial, we never thought it was possible. We’re a small business that’s expanding, and SimpSocial has provided us with the resources we need to keep up with our expanding customer base.”

– Small Business Representative Frank K.

Faster return on investment for start-ups

SimpSocial provides features that can make managing the contact center activities simpler for start-up owners and major risk-takers. SimpSocial was praised by business owners for assisting them in expanding their operations.

We provide a forum that is solutions-based and caters to the needs of effective business communication. We work hard to ensure that your company receives the return on investment it deserves.

“It’s a money saver! – When I turned it on, [we] instantly saw a return. Our revenues have increased by a factor of 20. Problem-solving assistance on a one-on-one basis. It has a very low-cost auto-texting service that I can configure. For different types of people who start with my course, I can build a variety of texting systems. Tags may also be used to organize people into groups. The framework is Mailchimp-compatible, has a simple gui, and several sign-in options for other team members.”

– Philip A., Owner of a Small Business

Any company will benefit from excellent customer service.

We recognize how difficult it is to run a company and feel that our customers are entitled to more. As a result, we’ve made certain that we’re always available to assist you anytime you need us.

We’re still looking for new ways to improve our job solutions. We make sure we have people you can speak to and who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our fantastic customer service team is always willing to help.

At you at any point during the implementation and monitoring process.

“Amazing service and a fantastic solution. SimpSocial’s solutions are well-thought-out and well-presented, and they come at an unbeatable price. The organization is extremely sensitive to customer requests, and it has made us feel heard from the beginning, delivering updates that help us serve our customers even better.”

– TJB, VP Operations, Customer Success Team Functional Manager

You’re in capable hands.

We recognize that no one-size-fits-all solution exists for every company, so we designed SimpSocial to be useful for every type of sales team. Whatever your company is, we’ve gone to great lengths to get you a better contact center solution.

Allow us to demonstrate how we can improve your productivity and customer experience. Our helpful team is standing by to demonstrate and meet with you as soon as possible.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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