Passion Sells!

Whatever you sell, you undoubtedly already know that the more enthusiastic a potential customer is about your product or service, the more likely it is that they will make a quick purchase. You may also be aware that the customer who is ecstatic may pay more than their less ecstatic counterpart.


Given the importance of excitement in purchasing decisions, it makes sense that, as a salesperson, you would want to attract more excited customers. Therefore, the question that arises is: How can you, as a sales expert, ignite a customer’s passion during their buying experience?


The first thing you need to realize is that in order to inspire passion in your customers, you must first inspire it in them. That’s correct; in order for a consumer to be enthusiastic about making a purchase, you as their sales representative must also be enthusiastic about doing so. This indicates that, in practice, generating enthusiasm has much more to do with your approach to the sales process and your behavior when interacting with customers than it does with theirs. Permit me to lead you through a tried-and-true method for transforming a client who appears emotionless into a consumer who is eager and prepared to make a purchase.


Start at their level and work your way up to them.

If you believe in the “mirroring and reflecting” method of marketing, you know that you should imitate your clients’ body language, facial expressions, voice tone, speech rate, and any other characteristics you are able to. This is a fantastic approach to making your client feel at ease in your presence. We are drawn to those who are like us naturally, which causes this occurrence. Most prospects are on the defensive and have their guard up when they first meet you. You must therefore match their enthusiasm while approaching them. You won’t be able to attract a buyer if you maintain that mindset and attitude during the entire transaction, though. Your goal is to gradually increase their degree of excitement by gradually increasing your own. You don’t want to start off at a 10 if they are just a 3 when they first meet you in terms of eagerness. You must begin where they are if they are genuinely pleased to meet you. Quickly increase your passion to match theirs. Whatever you do, after greeting your customer, match their level of enthusiasm with your own and start escalating the energy as quickly as you can. You can’t until you learn more about the client’s requirements.


Find out what they want and need to create excitement.

You can be enthusiastic about your product or service, but if you focus your passion on a feature or benefit that isn’t relevant to your target market, it won’t have much of an impact on their level of interest. It’s crucial to get excited about the right features if you want your excitement to spread to potential customers. You inquire as to what the proper features are. Simply put, only the ones that are significant to your customer! It is crucial that you ask lots of open-ended questions in order to learn this. Finding out what is essential to them will be possible through fact-finding, investigation, and discovery. Once you have identified all of the key selling points and the real driving force behind a purchase, you can start gradually ramping up the enthusiasm. Here is a real-world illustration of how to generate enthusiasm. What qualities do you look for most in a business partner, as you put it? Your client replies, “The ability of a company to work around our schedule is the most important thing we’re looking for.” You smile, amplify your voice, and start gesturing later on in your presentation as you say, “Remember when you said you wanted a company to work around YOUR schedule? Get ready, because I’m about to demonstrate how effective we are at it. Because you are demonstrating your capacity to provide your consumer with exactly what they desire, you, the salesman, should be thrilled! Therefore, if you are fired up about meeting your client’s requirements, THEY will be fired up about doing business with you! Passion sells.


What Defines Their Passion?

Try to arouse excitement in a way that feels natural to them. Try to arouse excitement in a way that feels natural to them. There is a quick and subtle way to figure this out. You should be paying close attention to their response, behavior, and tone as you establish rapport with them. Ask a few questions to establish rapport and encourage someone to share a little about their personal or professional lives. You are watching them while they do this. Keep an eye on their degree of excitement and the gestures they make with their bodies. How wide is their grin? How quickly are they speaking? What happens to their voice’s pitch? This is how they define enthusiasm. They can start to become more enthusiastic while you are presenting later on in the same manner that they did when you were developing rapport with them. Here is an illustration of one such activity. “How did you end up in this line of work?” you inquire. In response, they say, “Oh man, let me tell you, it was a long road, I had to try 4 different companies to figure it out!” Let’s say they don’t grin, but they do pace about a little and swing their arms around a lot. At the same time, their voice gets louder. You wouldn’t smile too much while presenting the features and benefits, but you would pace a little, make comparable arm motions, and speak louder while emphasizing the characteristics and benefits that are important to them. even exclaim, “Oh man, let me tell you, you are going to love this!” Give them YOUR brand of energy so they can feel comfortable and get fired up while you turn it up a notch!


Be confident when making your presentation.

You have the obligation and the right to become animated during your presentation now that you are aware of exactly what they are seeking and how they prefer to become animated. Anyone may provide an uninteresting demo of their product or service. To ratchet up the excitement and have your consumer on the edge of their seat towards the end of your sales process, though, takes a unique sort of salesperson. Now is your moment to start conveying your excitement to your consumers and start gradually turning the volume up. Remember how you stated that X feature was crucial to you? The benefits of this product are exactly what you’re seeking, which is WHY I’m displaying it to you. Since they WILL buy from you, you must be enthusiastic when presenting your goods. Due to the fact that you have addressed their issue, catered to their needs and desires, and presented your information in a way that makes sense to them, they will purchase from you. They can take it all in, while you might be excited because of your faith in it.


Get Excited by Using Your Attitude, Body Language, and Behavior

The enthusiasm can be increased in a variety of ways. The major role for body language. It doesn’t generate much energy to stand there and converse with your hands in your pockets or, even worse, stiff at your sides. However, viewers can’t help but be drawn into your presentation as you fumble around like a crazy, inflatable, flailing tube man. You should point straight at your customer and say, “You need this because…” while looking them in the eye. That’s the body language that absolutely exudes sheer confidence. Anyone with that much conviction must know what they are talking about in the eyes of the audience. Nodding your head and asking what salespeople often refer to as “yes questions” will also win over the client and inspire enthusiasm. “You can see the value in that, am I right, Mrs. Customer?” is an example of a yes question. while making eye contact, nodding your head, and extending your hand. They’ll quickly start nodding in agreement with you. This body language conveys assurance and zeal. When a person thinks that their requirements are fully satisfied when making a purchase, they are frequently eager to pay more. Big enthusiasm equals big money!


Use A Positive Tone of Voice And Speak In A Helpful Manner

Another way to boost enthusiasm is through speech. As your presentation progresses, speak a little louder, a little faster, and with a higher vocal pitch. I’m not saying that towards the conclusion of your presentation, you’ll sound like a chipmunk on crack. Just be aware that employing varied tones and volumes to achieve different effects at different points in your presentation might have a significant influence on a client’s purchasing decision. Move closer and speak more softly if you want to give someone the impression that they are receiving “inside information” or that they are special. Back up, increase the volume, and make eye contact with everyone in the audience if you want everyone to hear and feel your message. Don’t criticize the merchandise of your rivals. Bad communication actually causes bad sentiments to be transferred toward you and your product, which lowers the amount of enthusiasm among your customers as a result! That product down the street is a P.O.S. and not even close to as reliable as what I’m offering, so don’t tell your client that. Try putting it this way: “We want our customers to own their products without worrying, so we made a product that is twice as reliable as the competition!” Can you SENSITIVELY DIFFERENTIATE between the two messages? One makes you excited and happy, whereas the other makes you sound dissatisfied, unpleasant, and even envious of your rivals!


One of the most crucial components of a sale is enthusiasm.

Your actions, attitude, client awareness, and mentality are all important factors in generating passion. You don’t want to start off with excessive excitement and keep on going. Instead, you want it to begin as a tiny snowball on a mountaintop. By the time the sale is over, let that tiny snowball roll down the slope until it forms a large ball of enthusiasm. Find the best way to generate enthusiasm that works for your customer. Next, determine how you, your service, and your product can best assist them or address their issues. Get fired up about conveying the proper information in the proper manner. Start upping the enthusiasm by employing appropriate speech, body language, actions, and words. The entire transaction should be conducted with optimism and confidence. The excitement you have conveyed to the consumer will undoubtedly have a significant influence on their choice when the time comes for them to make a decision! Because getting pumped up can be pretty enjoyable, you will have had more fun. Not to mention, energetic individuals typically have a strong sense of passion for what they do. A successful salesperson will be easy to spot if you can demonstrate their love for the products they are trying to market. When all is said and done, selling with enthusiasm will result in more customers, commission, and overall enjoyment at work. Friends, never forget that enthusiasm sells!

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