Own the Road: How to Increase the Number of Customers Who Visit Your Dealership

Since the automotive industry is the second most expensive in the world, retaining customers can be difficult. Car dealerships are fiercely competitive because they enable consumers to make a significant financial commitment before making a purchase. You should have the right tools for companies like this to not only entice consumers but also win their loyalty.

There are several methods for keeping the car dealership in front of customers. Customer interaction has proved to be the lifeblood of car dealership sales. However, much like every other career, this one takes time, commitment, and committed individuals to complete.

Automate the Auto Repair Company

When it comes to car dealership sales, you should make a commitment to engaging with customers. Make sure a customer doesn’t feel like a number in your daily quota. They are, after all, making a significant financial decision. You should make them feel good about it as a salesperson.

Make every effort to communicate with them and engage with them in as many ways as possible. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but did you know that automating the communication channels or contact center can make a significant difference?

Selling and conversing with leads is a lot simpler with automation in your contact center. Allowing a power dialer to call your list, stop voicemails, and identify bad numbers will save you a lot of time. There’s no need to stress about keeping your contacts and CRM up to date. You can concentrate more on developing relationships with valuable customers because automation takes care of all the extra work.

SimpSocial: Getting You Ready for Automation

Many new communication networks have emerged as a result of the phone and the internet. Streamlining them all into a single structure, on the other hand, is a different matter.

You’re in for a treat with a complete contact center like SimpSocial, particularly because it runs on the cloud. You’ll be shocked by how much it can help you with your car dealership company, as it’s packed with features for omnichannel sales and marketing automation.

Structure of Form-to-Lead

With SimpSocial, converting website visitors into instant leads is easy. Fill out a form on your website for interested customers or website users, and SimpSocial will save their information to your contact list automatically. It synchronizes with your CRM, ensuring that all information is up to date.

Dialer for outbound sales

SimpSocial’s Power Dialer is a thing of beauty. Apart from dialing the numbers from your data list, we’ve improved it to better assist you. It drops calls that go to voicemail automatically, but not before leaving a message for the lead to communicate with you as soon as possible. Break those quotas and speak with 500+ leads in one day!

SMS to Push Calls

We all know that in the car dealership industry, in-person transactions outnumber phone sales. So, what does a call center have to do with closing car sales? It’s that simple. You can speak as much as you want to persuade a customer to visit your store.

The omnichannel method of SimpSocial lets you get in front of leads no matter where they are. It uses all available contact platforms on your behalf. Customers can be contacted again via text from calls, and vice versa.

MMS Promotions + SMS Promotions

For years, salespeople have debated whether to call or text a lead. However, times are changing now that SMS has been shown to help prospects shape personal connections. A simple “Happy Birthday” text greeting to your clients, for example, serves a dual purpose: it shows you’re not forgotten about them and that you’re still available if they decide to make a purchase. You can automate such messages and more with SimpSocial’s automation software. MMS blasting is also supported, allowing you to send out an infinite number of digital flyers!

With SimpSocial, you can take control of the lane!

Change the gears. Allow us to automate your outbound activities and increase your revenue and customer loyalty. We have a few more features up our sleeves, so speak with one of our leaders to learn more. Good luck with your sales!

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