Our latest releases enhance client engagement: Checklists, a redesigned Messenger, and more

At SimpSocial, we are aware that sending the appropriate message to the appropriate person at the appropriate moment is the best approach to engaging your audience. We’re dedicated to creating a product that enables you to comprehend the objectives of your clients and find a personalized, contextual solution to their challenges.


We made some of our most exciting product and feature announcements to date earlier today, elevating our Engage solution and enabling thrilling new levels of interaction for our clients. Here is what we have created.


Utilize our next-generation Messenger to tailor your consumer engagement approach.

The most recent version of SimpSocial Messenger goes beyond customer service by giving your consumers valuable, on-the-spot opportunities to interact with your company. When compared to traditional email interaction, SimpSocial customers who use in-app messaging find engagement rates that are 3–4 times higher.


With the ability to modify and personalize the next-generation Messenger, you can give your customers a smooth, interesting experience that perfectly represents your business.


* As your users move from being visitors to leads to customers to eventually long-term, devoted users, configure your messenger to best match their needs. With a fully customizable messenger, you can display customized information to promote continuous engagement and select your own message design and pertinent tabs.


* Quickly and easily help new users reach their “aha” moment with your product by smoothly onboarding and activating them in a systematic and contextual way, directly in Messenger.


* Target your sharing of products, events, and business announcements to ensure that the correct customers are reached wherever they are. Additionally, we now have News, a portion of Messenger that acts as a permanent center for informing your audience of announcements.


* This messenger is yours, not ours. Make the Messenger uniquely yours by including your brand and matching fonts, colors, layouts, and other elements so that it appears to be an extension of your product. In order to better fit within your product, we’ve now provided full-size or compact choices. With just one click, you can create a contemporary, unique, and on-brand design for your business.

Improve your customer experience by using a messenger that is not just adaptable and configurable but also flexible, quick, and built for contemporary enterprises.


Tooltips can inform and encourage adoption.

SimpSocial Tooltips make it quick and simple to produce embedded, non-disruptive, and persistent messages as tooltips in a customer’s product, which makes it easier than ever to inspire action. Provide non-intrusive information to your consumers when and where they need it. Tooltips give you the means to lead your clients through your product experience, explain new capabilities, or make suggestions for how they may use your product more effectively, whether you overlay one over a marked piece or embed it in the application.


The following types of functionality are supported by tooltips:


* Simple text


* Smart links to launch various SimpSocial content kinds, including articles, tours, news, and surveys


External hyperlinks


* Embedded pictures and video


Use checklists to help your clients succeed (coming soon!


A lot of the time, customers of your product, particularly newer ones, are unsure about what to do next to keep moving forward with it. They get themselves into trouble, elope, and it’s hard (and expensive!) to get them back. Your team is aware of the series of actions that your customers must do to set up, but explaining these actions to your consumers in a structured, practical manner can be difficult.


The next most crucial action you want your customers to perform, as well as the activities they should take afterward, are guided and motivated by checklists, which help with this problem. Additionally, Checklists serve as a constant reminder for your clients to always acquire more value from your product because they are live in Messenger.


Make checklists to assist in integrating new consumers or to encourage repeat customers to try something different to raise their level of engagement with the product. Since everything is flexible and programmable, you can deliver various Checklists to various client groups.


The feature’s strength comes from how it interacts with the rest of SimpSocial. You can make tasks using checklists that:


* Begin a product tour.


* Click on an Article


* You might also point consumers to a specific area of your product.


Checklists are integrated into your product, so tasks may be completed automatically depending on customer information that you track in SimpSocial. This makes it incredibly simple for your consumers to begin appreciating the benefits of using your product’s activities.


The beta version of Checklists will shortly be made accessible to customers.


Utilize our new email template editor to embrace multichannel engagement (coming in November)!

Email continues to be a crucial component of your customer engagement strategy, and we’re devoted to making enhancements in this area.


Because of this, we made a big investment in developing the best solution we could for our customers: a no-code email template editor that will let you use the SimpSocial customer data you already have to create stunning, personalized, and engaging emails without writing a single line of code. Create unique templates with adaptable design options; change the look of photos, fonts, and buttons; and quickly preview on desktop and mobile. With the new template editor, you can quickly and simply achieve things that were previously only possible in HTML.


Here’s how our updated email editor will make your messages stand out in the crowded inboxes of clients and provide genuine value amid a sea of rivals:


No code! Create stunning, brand-consistent emails without knowing how to code. Our updated template editor is more user-friendly, effective, and accessible to team members of various technical backgrounds.


* Fully customizable emails let you build a consistent brand experience across all platforms.


* Targeted, tailored communications: Because the data is centralized within SimpSocial, you don’t have to worry about difficult integrations when setting up targeted campaigns because dynamic content enables you to send personalized, one-to-one messages at scale. Utilize the extensive customer data that SimpSocial already has saved to produce targeted, efficient email messages that reach the proper recipients.


We’re fixated on our customers’ success, so we’re eager to see how you use these solutions to seize each chance for customer connection, developing and deepening your bond with them. Visit this page to learn more about our Engage solution.

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