Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Philadelphia, PA

The next time you need a caffeine boost, you don’t have to be content with generic coffee from a big-chain store. There are many locally owned small businesses in Philadelphia, including coffee shops.


When we go down in the afternoon, our Philadelphia office has chosen a few of our favorite locations to go to. Look it up!


Facebook: GreenStreet Coffee


GreenStreet Coffee is a locally owned and operated coffee shop that is dedicated to sustainability and ethical business methods. It is situated on the corner of 11th and Spruce Streets in Midtown.


The shop’s original owners, Chris and Tom, are still employed today. They aim to retain a presence in the neighborhood and create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.


Customers are welcome to create their own brewing recipes, and every ingredient is carefully obtained and sustainably chosen.


Coffee Elixr | Facebook


The Philadelphia region is home to three different Elixr sites, all of which originally opened their doors in 2010. With its distinctive roasting and sourcing methods employing hand-selected ingredients from throughout the globe, this business stands out from the competition. The mildly roasted flavor of an Elixir cup of coffee is its distinguishing characteristic.


You may see the newest works of local artists on display at every Elixr outlet if you enter. Elixr, which also functions as an art gallery, is dedicated to supporting emerging artists in the Philadelphia region.


Coffee LaColombe | Facebook


LaColombe keeps expanding its presence across the nation and building a solid reputation for itself. LaColombe is a mainstay in the Philadelphia neighborhood and is renowned for its inventive recipes and ethically sourced ingredients. The flagship store, which is in the center of Fishtown, is a sight to behold. Owners JP and Todd have taken over the structure, an old warehouse. The two transformed the area into a full-service coffee shop and mini distillery. Try the draft latte, which is its claim to fame.


Purchase a coffee in Philadelphia.


Try out our suggestions the next time you’re in Philadelphia if you want to try a new coffee shop, and let us know what you think!

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