Online Reputation Matters More Than Ever

Today, you probably examine online reviews before visiting a restaurant, motel, or service department. In this digital age, removing the veil on what corporations, products, and services want us to believe about their business versus what consumers have really experienced with their organization is instinctive. Today, they want the good, bad, and ugly upfront so they can make an informed choice.


Every dealer should understand how FTC’s new review collection and display standards will affect their business. Why? Our study shows that 93% of car purchasers utilize customer reviews to choosing a dealership. 93%!! It couldn’t be clearer that you need to tighten up your review and reputation management plan before you lose clients you didn’t even know you had.


Check your Google Business Profile, get online reviews flowing, audit review websites, and set up a powerful CX plan to use customer reviews to grow your business.


What’s new?  


Starting April 26, 2022, FTC guidelines require both positive and negative reviews to be published instantly without a holding period.


DealerRater, an industry partner, said its Community Guidelines will filter reviews that don’t fit their standards, but all reviews will be shown promptly. DealerRater often holds bad ratings for 14 days before publishing, giving dealers time to manage.


Why do you care?


Every minute a negative review remains online without a company response could cost the organization new business. 8% of buyers didn’t contact a dealership due to unfavorable reviews and/or treatment.


SimpSocial dealer partners must monitor and respond immediately. 


Dealers can: continuously check the dealership’s reputation on many major sites

rapidly connecting to consumers boosts the reputation

promote good ratings and effectively reply to negative ones or help settle disagreements, producing even more reviews because most consumers give positive reviews (81% for purchases, 88% for service) when prompted.

We added a couple of extra tools for quick awareness and response since reviews are time-sensitive:


SimpSocial automatically gathers reviews, removing the need to log in and check for pending publishing reviews.

DealerRater’s “resolved” button will alert consumers to amend their reviews.

Online reputation management is crucial. Due to a vehicle inventory shortage, increasing interest rates, online national retailers moving into local stores, and staffing shortages, consumers are constantly searching online for vehicles that meet their needs, budget, and timeline. Dealers must avoid losing sales due to unfavorable reviews or unsatisfactory responses.


SimpSocial will help your store stand out from internet sellers and local dealers alike.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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