No Autos on the Ground? Keeping customers is still possible.

You desperately need inventory if you’re reading this. We are all. I’ve never seen anything like it—there aren’t any new cars on the road.


When OEMs and dealerships closed during the pandemic, chipmakers turned their attention to electronics like PCs, as CNBC reported. They are finding it difficult to keep up with the increased demand from our sector. At least through the second half of 2022, according to Ron Montoya, senior consumer advice editor at, there will likely be an impact on automobile prices and inventory.



In my opinion, the best type of businesspeople are “car guys and gals”! We can survive this post-pandemic madness if anyone else can. All we have to do is make sure the buyer’s market doesn’t empty out.



A new follow-up procedure tailored to our current problem is the best way to stay in front of customers. The chip crisis is out of our hands. We do have some control over when and how we communicate with our customers. Only a consistent and transparent follow-up procedure will set you apart from the dealer down the road.



I am aware that several readers simply remarked, “But I don’t have any inventory. If I don’t have anything to sell them, why am I contacting them? You’re contacting clients who have indicated an interest in purchasing a new car through a call, text, email lead, or showroom visit. Yes, you probably don’t currently have the vehicles they’re looking for on the ground. You DO, however, only have a certain number of vehicles arrive each week. Customers who are actively looking to buy a car will repay you by visiting your dealership again and making a purchase if you keep them informed about new arrivals once a week.



What competitive advantage will this follow-up procedure provide for you? Because the majority of dealers will simply turn away a buyer if they don’t have the desired automobile in stock, label the customer’s CRM record as inactive, and forget about it. If the consumer wishes, he or she may follow up with the dealership. A customer is never a dead customer, as I frequently proclaim. That customer will purchase a car, but not from a dealership that displays a lack of enthusiasm for closing the deal.



Let’s contrast this with a situation where each salesman adheres to a set procedure supported by your CRM. The technology keeps track of every consumer interaction and car preference. Then you make a status alert that tells a salesperson to provide the consumer with an update over the phone or through text in a week. A customer can be connected to an inventory alert within your CRM so that when the vehicle they want arrives on the lot, you are immediately notified and can call the customer.



Consider the scenario where Mark visited you last week, asking for a new Corvette, but you don’t currently have one. In 60 days, you will see one for allocation. Mark hears you say, “I see we’re supposed to get one in 60 days. Do you mind if I call you again and let you know how things stand in that situation? How should I get in touch with you? After that, carry out your commitment and follow up. Because NO ONE is doing this, the client will remember and value you.



We are all aware that salesmen dislike following up with consumers in this manner, yet doing so is necessary if you want to keep their business both now and in the future. Consider bringing a BDC on board if you’re having trouble motivating your employees or if you’re already operating on a tight budget, as so many businesses are doing right now.



A virtual BDC has the manpower to provide regular customer follow-up, something many businesses currently struggle to do. You always have control over the message. You can collaborate with a BDC to develop scripts tailored to the chip situation and be sure that calls are being placed.



The post-pandemic pandemonium will eventually calm down, but where will your dealership be then? There are people out there who want to buy from you. Prioritize prompt, friendly, and proactive follow-up, and they’ll buy you their next car.

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