New Opportunities are Uncovered by Inventory Shortage.

There must be other methods for dealerships to continue to generate income given their struggles to maintain good inventory levels. Check out these marketing objectives to keep business flowing in rather than reducing your advertising budget.


Contact clients who have previously purchased a vehicle.


How we support our clients and develop a long-lasting relationship with them is the question at hand, not how we achieve our financial objectives. Getting in touch with former clients to inquire about their purchases can actually help reinforce your dealership’s key principles. How are they finding their brand-new car? Is there anything they would alter if they could? These inquiries prioritize the needs of the consumer and open the door to several more options, such as recommendations.


Vehicle accouterments.


There are a lot of people who desire to alter their vehicles. Showcase your accessories to people who possess specific brands and models. These marketing strategies particularly appeal to Jeep and truck customers who might be interested in off-roading, camping, or industrial jobs. Highlight components like lift kits, cold air intakes, custom exhausts, paint jobs, window tinting, etc. Showing them options that are relevant to their needs or hobbies will pique their curiosity.


Trade Promotions.


It could be time to divert your attention to some trade ads if you have a very low stock level. Describe the kinds of vehicles you are looking for in your advertisement. We are able to target owners of particular vehicles and model years thanks to access to third-party data and DMV records, ensuring that you receive queries that are pertinent and personalized to you.


Service Promotions.


Service promotions are a fantastic way to ensure ongoing revenue. Reach out to potential new customers or encourage returning consumers to return for vehicle servicing. To entice returning customers, give discounts to existing clients or place an emphasis on seasonal services like air conditioning and heating. To learn more, view our comprehensive service strategy guide!


bespoke orders.


If your website has a “build your own vehicle” function, you can use it to continue selling even if you don’t have specific inventory available on the lot. People might be more inclined to create their own unique vehicle given the current lack of possibilities. Additionally, custom orders can reduce the costs of your dealership’s insurance, lot fees, and other expenses related to holding inventory on the lot. You will probably receive custom constructions before general stock because these requests are given priority.


Plans for protection


It might be advantageous to put some emphasis on selling vehicle insurance policies if your dealership has a partnership with an insurance company. This might not be a really expensive item, but if enough people sign up, you could get a respectable kickback.


It’s a fantastic idea to consider some of these alternate campaign methods and how they can benefit your dealership while the business is sluggish. We’re here to show you how to make the most of the data you’ve already gathered in your database in order to help you survive the semiconductor scarcity.

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