New Metrics, Facebook Ads Integration, and Follow The Sun Filters!

Enough with the teasing: Facebook ad integration is now available! We’re ecstatic to announce that you can now use SimpSocial to further engage your Facebook leads with calls and texts.
By syncing your Facebook lead generation ads with SimpSocial, all new and old form submissions will be stored as contacts, allowing you to call anyone right away.

We also give you related ad data so you can track which campaign your leads came from and follow up accordingly. Yes, Facebook leads can also be added to broadcasts and sequences.

We’re launching our Follow the Sun function to help you coordinate your call operation and get better results.

Go to Contacts and look to the right for a new button named Follow The Sun. It basically organizes your contacts by timezone, allowing you to set your goals with just a single click.

This allows you to work your leads based on their position — from East to West — increasing your chances of connecting at a convenient time.You can now quickly locate unassigned contacts by filtering your leads by source. These can make bulk tagging easier and improve the exposure of your leads, allowing you to close more deals.

You can now check interaction rates on your Broadcasts tab. This is the percentage of people who react to your campaign, and it will help you determine how successful your marketing and promotion are.

BONUS: It’s now even easier to change your contact’s name while on the phone! To update and save their correct details, simply click on the Edit icon we added.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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