New Digital Strategies for the Year

Through the use of objectives like “Why Buy,” “Ready to Buy,” “Customers for Life,” and “Promotions and Events,” we are aligning our offering to be more funnel-based than ever. The cost of our dealer’s ads per converted client has been shown to decrease when your ads are optimized to include each of these campaign types. Lead volume and VDP views are not the only factors. It’s about making the most of the data you’ve already gathered, reaching the correct customers with pertinent messaging, and not letting any chance pass you by. In order to ensure that people that visit your site have high intent and are prepared to take desired actions that will result in a purchase, we work to prioritize quality customer engagements over quantity of one particular KPI. Advertisers have grown accustomed to using ads that are simple to scale and can focus on a single KPI while ignoring the relationship between the client and your dealerships. Does it really result in sales? What percentage of the traffic actually visits the website again?


A “Why Buy” marketing goal to raise brand awareness will stoke engagement with potential customers. By displaying a video of your dealership and what makes it special, you can demonstrate to potential customers what your business is all about. This increases the size of your audience and directs visitors to your website toward the top of the marketing funnel.


Our ads are designed to function well on mobile devices and are organized in accordance with Facebook’s best practices. Using this technique, you can sell more cars with less work since automotive inventory advertising has 1.6 times more conversions than ordinary Facebook image advertisements do! These dynamic advertisements provide each user with a personalized experience that moves them closer to the decision-making process as part of the “Ready to Buy” marketing goal. They highlight vehicles that are pertinent to what in-market customers are looking for or have already looked at. In order to offer the intended results while avoiding vehicles that do not suit those criteria, we emphasize particular VINs that our clients have indicated an interest in moving off the lot. We can now offer dealers a more streamlined process for designing their ads thanks to this.


To keep your client base and turn consumers into “customers for life,” maintaining customer loyalty is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Utilizing personal identifying information, match people in your CRM to the Facebook network and market to a targeted clientele with special deals. Regain contact with those cold leads, maintain any existing customer relationships, and promote everything your dealership has to offer. Inform the neighborhood about significant occasions and campaigns centered around your goods and services. Promote limited-time opportunities while prioritizing the customer’s experience.


With these campaign improvements, we’re not only creating a stir on Facebook—we’re also providing cross-platform functionality! Streamline all of your social media channels so that they serve the same purpose. Determine your target audience for each platform, where each user is in the purchasing process, and take advantage of it. As an all-platform advertising firm, we make sure that each platform is prepared for users to carry out the tasks you value. Each agency develops things according to its own procedures and standards with limited communication on how these campaigns can work together as a whole when there are several agencies for each platform. We make sure that ads across all platforms operate in concert to achieve common goals.


With the help of SimpSocial’s platform, clients can now share DMS access with our marketing team more easily. This allows us to create real-time audiences that are customized to your consumers’ current interactions with your business while also reducing overall advertising expenses. Instead of bombarding a consumer who has bought a new car from your store with new car offers, introduce them to the department of fixed operations. The advertiser can develop a large number of directive messages directed at particular customers thanks to integration with your dealership.


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