Natural Language Processing (NLP)

When it comes to technology, each advancement is reliant on the progress of others. SimpSocial, for example, automates two-way, human-like interactions on a large scale. However, achieving this capability necessitates a combination of technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robot process automation. But there’s another factor at work: Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Let’s take a closer look at NLP, its position in SimpSocial, and how these technologies help revenue-generating teams achieve better results.

In AI, what is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?


Natural Language Processing is, in several ways, just what it sounds like: a technology’s ability to process everyday language. This can be written text (as in an email, text message, or website chat window) or spoken text (as in an email, text message, or website chat window) (like a phone call or voice-activated assistant).

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) are two other components of NLP (NLG). The ability to interpret and comprehend messages from a touch is the first. Taking orders is a simple example. The ability to produce text or voice is the latter. You can only engage contacts in two-way conversations once NLU and NLG are combined; knowing language coming in and producing language going out.

Of course, that’s just the feature. Businesses are interested in what you do with that feature.


NLP and SimpSocial in the Workplace


Let’s take a closer look at what this means for business users now that we’ve addressed the basics. Organizations offload regular conversations to AI by automating the ability to interpret, understand, and react to conversations with leads and customers.

Crafting a customized email to a prospect or client requires time. Each contact takes just a few minutes on average. When you have hundreds or even thousands of contacts to communicate with, this becomes a scalability problem. Employees may spend less time crafting repetitive communications and more time working on high-value projects by automating these interactions.

Natural Language Processing in AI, on the other hand, isn’t just about increasing productivity. At the end of the day, SimpSocialI is all about generating sales. These technologies work together to simplify communications and engage contacts in natural back-and-forth conversations that lead to the best next step.

Even the most committed Marketing and Sales teams will struggle to offer a customized first-touch to hundreds of webinar attendees. SimpSocial, on the other hand, makes it scalable to ask leads if they have any questions and would like to speak with a Salesperson to get them answered. Attendees are engaged by a powerful AI solution to decide which are ready to take action and which require more time or attention.

SimpSocial’s ability to engage contacts, drive sales prospects and augment revenue-generating teams of business professionals relies heavily on Natural Language Processing.

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