Making Money in College: A Resource for Every Student

Expectation management has become a skill that college students master. It’s advised that we throw the greatest parties and earn excellent scores. Find our passions, as long as they look good on a resume, and join every club imaginable while working. I’ve tried, I swear, and it’s practically impossible. However, the necessity to earn money, along with extracurricular activities, homework, social gatherings, and the inevitable challenge of securing employment post-graduation, is here to stay. Hence, the quickest, easiest, and most ethical options for college students to earn money are just what they need at this moment.


You have considered selling photos of your foot; don’t deny it. Let’s avoid that, though. That hasn’t happened yet.


The pandemic that devastated our society has also completely changed how college students make money. Some students were forced to leave home, relinquish their on-campus employment, and look for remote work when several universities refused to let them return for the fall 2020 semester and only offered remote instruction. The epidemic particularly affected young individuals, as 1 in 10 of those between the ages of 16 and 25 lost their jobs since it started, making them twice as likely as older ones to utilize their occupations. based on findings from the Center for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics. Students are then forced to return to the job market and search for any positions that can be filled locally, virtually, or both.


Everybody Begins From a Different Place


Every student has a unique financial circumstance. Some students depend on their own resources to pay for college, while others are supported financially by family, scholarships, or a mix of the two. However, all of the students are full-time learners, regardless of their financial situation. Those who must work to support themselves still have to attend classes, complete the same amount of homework, and manage to take care of their mental health. Because of this, full-time positions with set hours aren’t always feasible. That’s why the side gig is crucial for college students in 2021.


College side gigs are more than simply shrewd, time-saving means of earning extra cash. A Jobvite Report, which Forbes reported, states that 46% of employees polled in April 2020 stated they planned to pursue a side hustle, which is a second job and supplementary source of income that people frequently have “on the side.” Now, it seems like every college student has jumped on the side hustle bandwagon, whether you’re browsing TikTok or talking to a friend about their summer plans.


1: For The Lover of Animals


Consider dog walking if you miss your best friend who is furry at home while you are gone to school. With the Wag! app, you can register as a dog walker, get in touch with dog owners who are interested in hiring you, and get paid straight away. This enables you to earn more money by overnight pet sitting or fit-in brief walks in between lessons.


2. For Individuals Fixated on Organizations


Another simple method to earn money from the bed in your dorm room? Take a job as an online assistant! This is a fantastic choice for college students since, although it won’t provide you the chance to practice professional communication, teamwork, or organizational skills, it will still give you some leeway in selecting clients and projects that align with your interests. This may be working for a client you want to network with, serving as a virtual medical assistant, or assisting with social media.


3. To the Friend Who Constantly Writes the Instagram captions for Everyone Else


For those pursuing an English major, involved in their college newspaper, or simply passionate about writing, freelancing presents a fully feasible avenue for supplementary income during their college years. Take a peek! I’m working on it now! Making LinkedIn my closest friend and keeping a careful lookout for any content writing possibilities helped me find the majority of my own work. Check this out for a more comprehensive explanation on how to begin writing for pay.


You might want to give social media management a shot if you’re more interested in social media than captions when it comes to Instagram. Even though this may seem like a more significant position to take on, the majority of Gen Zers have already mastered many of the crucial abilities associated with this role by virtue of their strong social media presence. It’s also a rather simple task that you can complete on your own time, allowing you to work at your own pace without interfering with your education schedule.


4. For Someone Who Is Always Itching to Take a Drive


There has never been an easier way to make a bank deposit if you bring your automobile to school. All you need is a profile on any well-known delivery or driving platform, such as Uber, Uber Eats, Postmastes, or DoorDash, plus an incredible playlist (see our Ultimate Driving Playlist). Work for as long as it suits you, your requirements, and your schedule, whether it’s in 30-minute bursts or long hours on the weekends.


5. For The Whiz at Homework


Are you the one who consistently assists your pals with their assignments? Do you enjoy working with children and imparting knowledge to others? For you, tutoring might be the ideal side gig. SideHusl lists a wide range of platforms for tutoring, illustrating the diverse range of tutoring subjects people are looking for—from math to art and music to tutoring expressly for clients whose second language is English. TutorMe, which pays $16 per hour and is targeted exclusively at college students, is my personal favorite.


6. To Whom It May Sell Their Novel Hobby in Quarantine


Many college students were obliged to pick up new interests when they discovered themselves back in their childhood bedroom or any other isolated place. I mean, my new interests probably won’t make me a lot of money (unless you want to learn how to perform a headstand or organize your room twenty times). We have witnessed numerous colleagues pick up skills in graphic design, knitting, crocheting, and much more.


Take your skills to Etsy, a platform that lets creatives sell their handcrafted goods, and turn your new pastime into a side business. Creating an Etsy store is an easy way to earn money while attending college, regardless of your level of experience with candles or knitting.


7. For Those Who Don’t Know Where to Begin


Here is where to start. A website called Unbound was created expressly to assist university students in locating distant, paid internships. This company was started with the understanding that the responsibilities that college students take on can change as remote employment becomes more common. If you can just magically zoom into the office, you’ll have greater access to positions, more variety, and more opportunities.


There’s no disputing that the environment in which we work is changing. One thing, though, hasn’t altered. Among the many responsibilities that college students must fulfill is the necessity of earning a living. There is something for everyone when looking into easy, quick ways to earn money while attending college.

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