Make Your Dealership Loveable

A car must do two things in order to be sold. Consumers must develop an emotional bond with both their business and the automobile they are purchasing. The traditional path to the sale has always included the step of “selling your dealership,” but the current inventory shortages have made this step superfluous. There are many salespeople who have an “I don’t care if you buy it because I know the next person that comes in will buy it” mentality.



However, this kind of complacency needs to be restrained given the decline in used car values, the increase in new vehicle manufacturing, and the impending recession. Dealers must put just as much effort into marketing their business as they do into their inventory of vehicles if they want to stay competitive.



Consumers are doing more of their car shopping online now than they were before the outbreak. Many customers don’t stop by the dealership until they’ve decided to buy a car. In order for auto buyers to make the “where to buy” decision along with their decision on which vehicle to purchase, dealers must actively promote their dealership online.




In fact, if you can win a customer’s love, there’s a strong possibility they’ll choose to purchase a car from you before they’ve even decided on a particular model! So how can this be done best? Of all media, video is the most effective educational and emotive marketing medium there is. The following should be developed in order to market your dealership.



Indicator of Value Video. In a video, address the query, “Why buy from you?” Ideally, the general manager or dealer principal responds to this in a welcome video. Thank the consumer for thinking of your dealership, and let them know what to expect from their visit.



Videos of customer reviews. Every time you have a satisfied customer, give them a reason to submit a video testimonial. Encourage them to rave about their wonderful experience making a purchase at your dealership.



Create and publish videos to vehicle display pages (VDPs)



What will you do with these fantastic videos now that you have them? DON’T bury them on your website’s “About Us” page. Although you should share them on your social media platforms, don’t stop there. Include them in your email marketing, yes, but don’t end the conversation there.



VDPs are the first—and perhaps the only—website pages that active automobile shoppers visit. Your value proposition and client testimonial videos should be posted on the VDPs themselves.



The simplest method to accomplish this is to make a landing page for each vehicle that plays many videos at once. Consider the last time you watched videos on YouTube. What do you do following a video viewing? The majority of people repeatedly view videos. It’s simple to achieve the same result on your dealership’s virtual dealership program, and it works wonders to keep interested automobile buyers interested.



The buyer first arrives at your VDP, views the vehicle’s images and specifications, and then notices a sizable “View Video” button. They click the button, which directs them to a landing page with videos of your general manager’s greeting, one or two client testimonials, and your vehicle inventory. Another option is to show the customer an inventory video of a different car that they might find interesting.



After viewing the inventory video, the consumer will logically click on and view the next videos as well. When they observe your dealership’s dedication to providing a positive shopping experience, presto! If the experience they get at the dealership is consistent with what you offer them, you may have won over a customer who will remain loyal.



Videos are an effective way to increase client confidence in your decision-making process and gain their trust. However, having movies alone won’t cut it; you also need to make sure that every casual car shopper sees them so they can respond to the question “Why buy from you?” before they even choose which car they want.

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