Leads do not fall by the wayside because of automation

Is sales abandoning leads? Are they failing to respond to emails? Are they giving up after four or five emails and a half-dozen phone calls, which is understandable? That’s not rare; salespeople’s time is best spent on prospects, clients, and customers that reply consistently.

Conversational AI can help you keep track of leads that aren’t responding.


Some leads are overlooked because they aren’t ready yet, but green leads can still turn around weeks or months later. Keeping the lead interested is the key to speeding up this process. Don’t let that green lead forget about you; he or she might still be shopping and researching. Without wasting valuable sales or marketing time, conversational AI can produce an eventual conversion by following up with a green lead on a frequent basis.


They won’t get tired or disheartened since a Conversational AI will complete the duty you assign until judgment day.


Each degree of follow-up is also distinct. The virtual assistant isn’t just sending the same message over and over in the hopes that the lead will convert. Instead, the virtual assistant might contact the lead a few times in the first week, then once a week, then once a month, using realistic language each time to deliver new or helpful information depending on the information you’ve gathered on them.

Conversational marketing can supplement SDRs or act as a stand-in if you don’t have any.


Sales development reps can be incredibly beneficial to a sales team, raising lead conversion rates by nurturing and persisting with leads on a regular basis.


However, SDRs can be costly, and they, like everyone else, can run out of capacity. When lead-chasing capacity is reached, the solution is usually to hire more SDRs. Instead, consider how conversational AI can automate most of the time-consuming, repetitive SDR follow-up activity, making it more scalable with little to no cost increase.


Conversational AI solutions, like SDRs, nurture leads through consistent natural-language conversation.


This doesn’t necessarily imply that conversational AI will replace SDRs (or that it should), but it does imply that virtual assistants can free up SDRs’ capacity, allowing them to qualify and pursue actual, solid leads. SDRs can use conversational AI as a tool rather than a competitor, and it can help them arrange meetings and calls with only the most promising leads.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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