Facebook’s Lead Ads are the quickest and most cost-effective way to convert a click into a lead on Facebook, and the internet in general. They enable visitors to express interest in your offer by filling out a form on Facebook. Because the forms are pre-populated with the user’s Facebook information, it’s the quickest way for individuals to respond to advertising and advertisers to acquire leads. You can capture a lead in Facebook in a matter of seconds. This is a match made in heaven for digital advertisers, especially when you consider the huge quantity of data Facebook allows you to use when developing your advertising.


The method of generating Facebook leads is depicted in the diagram below.
How to Generate Leads on Facebook


The only issue is that there is no simple way to get these leads into your CRM. There are several CRM connectors, but none in the automotive area that I’m aware of. You must manually download and import a CSV from your Facebook page into your CRM. Due of Facebook’s inadequate notifications when a new lead is received, you’re obliged to check for new leads on a regular basis. As you might guess, this is a time-consuming and unpleasant operation, and if you don’t answer quickly enough, you will lose consumers.


SIMPSOCIAL’S RECOMMENDATION: Our clients, and auto dealers in general, are drastically increasing their Facebook ad spends, and we were compelled to find a solution out of necessity. We liked the advertising, but the time it takes to handle the leads is making us work more harder than we should for such a simple task. So, we recently began experimenting with Facebook’s Graph API to see if we could find a solution to the dilemma described above. I’ve never been one to take the long way around! The more procedures you can automate and codify, the more efficient you will become, and the more time you will save, and we all know that TIME = MONEY.


Today, I am pleased to inform that we now have access to that solution for ourselves and our clients. Not having to manually retrieve leads and sort through which ones you’ve already downloaded and which ones you haven’t will save you a lot of time. Because they received a prompt answer, more automobiles will be sold to satisfied consumers!


You can sign up for a Lead Event for your Facebook page using our Text Marketing platform. Once you’ve successfully subscribed your page to SIMPSOCIAL’s texting platform, we’ll start receiving notifications whenever a new lead is added to a Facebook lead form you’ve created.


From a Facebook Lead Generation Ad, a text message and a lead were produced.



After the lead is uploaded to SIMPSOCIAL from Facebook, We can then enroll them to our Automation feature letting them know we got their information and include all of the standard opt-out disclaimers. You may also program the SIMPSOCIAL Automation to ask a series of questions after the lead is received.


Now that the lead is in our system, your sales team can continue texting the customer from the SIMPSOCIAL App and push the lead into your CRM when they’re ready, or if you’ve enabled Auto Push, the lead will be sent to your CRM immediately as soon as we receive it from Facebook.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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