Latest Technology: Mobile Loader

Discover more about our Mobile Loader and how it makes our dealer partners’ work more productive.


We have a mobile loader, did you know that? No?! On us, that. We did not discuss it sufficiently. Consequently, we’re here to discuss it extensively.


We have a device that runs on your cell phone called a Mobile Loader. It may be added to your home screen in the same way as any other native app. You’ll notice a tiny icon after which you can perform several types of magic.


There is no restriction on how many vehicle photos you can upload, and you can do it directly from your phone to your website. Just to name a few, you can rotate and edit photos, modify a car’s condition, and input vehicle information. Your job will go much more quickly because there are many things you can perform on a mobile device that you would typically have to do on a desktop.


We’re making things simpler for you in yet another way. Have fun, #SimpSocialFam!

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