Kremer Eye Center: A Success Story in Conversion Rate Optimization

Be a partner in strategy. At SimpSocial, it’s one of our guiding principles and a way of life that we uphold every single day. Working with our partners rather than a vendor is how we like to complete tasks. This is especially true with Kremer Eye Center, our business partner and best friend.


BFFs are Kremer Eye Center and SimpSocial.

The Kremer Eye Center is a pioneer in vision therapy. The traffic to our partner’s website was not translating into the necessary conversions. We concentrated on implementing conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies to make minor adjustments to their website, taking the usual and making it amazingly great. CRO is a technique for making the necessary adjustments to improve the performance of a website using analytics and user input.


Those of Kremer were:


Aiming to Boost Form Submissions

In order to increase website clicks and boost conversion rates

Here is what we came up with for Kremer Eye Center:


1. Boost Website Clicks by Changing the Color of the Home Page Conversation Rates

How SimpSocial Was Useful:


based on heat map data showing where visitors clicked.

The website’s interactivity, time spent on the website, and clicks all significantly increased with simple design and color changes.

Every section of the new menu claims a digital percentage click increase.

2. Boost Form Submissions by Improving Home Page Conversion Rates – Link Visibility

How SimpSocial Was Useful:


As their major conversion targets, Kremer wants to enhance their “Schedule a Consultation” and “Get a Free Info Kit” connections.

An increase in clicks and a 20% rise in info kit clicks resulted from changing the color of each link to make it stand out.

+175 more schedule clicks and +169 more clicks on the free information package.

3. Increasing Conversion Rates by Improving Landing Pages

How SimpSocial Was Useful:


Design, layout, offer titles, and ad content adjustments were made in order to optimize the “48-month Financing” landing page.

Bullet points were used to condense the text.

To entice users to subscribe, the landing page’s headline was modified to incorporate perks.

199% more people have submitted forms.

For Kremer Eye Center, the outcomes were excellent. We were able to raise their objectives and eliminate their pain points. These small changes improved website traffic, increased time spent there, and increased conversions overall.


Now, CRO is not a technique that can be implemented once and then forgotten about. To find out what the end user wants, optimization science must be tested and the appropriate adjustments made. We’ll do the grunt work, so you can focus on finding the proper clients. We continuously work to increase the performance and metrics of your website. Please let us have a look by booking a conversion rate optimization evaluation if you share the same pain points as Kremer Eye Center.


SimpSocial is an integrated agency with more than 20 years of business-related experience. We handle everything internally, which ultimately saves you time by eliminating the need to coordinate with many vendors. You can contact us via email, and everything is basically under one roof. Your successes are also our successes, and we constantly strive to perform routine tasks incredibly well.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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