Knowing When to Redesign Your Car Dealer Website

components of your marketing plan.


It’s what potential consumers see first when they search for you online, which means it’s frequently where they form their initial opinions of you. In other words, they will judge whether they want to do business with you based on what they see online, just as if they were meeting you for the first time.


While your website can do a lot to draw in new clients by informing them of your company and the benefits of doing business with you, certain website designs may have the opposite impact. Customers may leave your website if it is difficult to locate, has a confusing layout, or is plainly out of date.


SimpSocial can provide you with a solution if you’re worried that your website might be hurting your sales. We provide a variety of designs for your auto dealer website, all geared at improving its aesthetic appeal and usability.


How do you tell if your car dealer website needs to be redesigned, then? We have compiled a list of warning flags. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any of these apply to your website so that we can assist in getting you back on course.


Your website is challenging to use.


First-time visitors to your website usually do so because they’re seeking a car dealer and believe you might be the best option.


But of course, they will want to learn more about you before they take any action. The issue is that if consumers find your website challenging to use, they might conclude it’s not worth the hassle.


Many visitors will give up and search elsewhere if links to other sites are not arranged into an immediately visible menu, which means you lose out on a customer.


You haven’t changed the look of your website in a while.


Trends in website design alter and develop over time. Even though your website may have been really contemporary and up-to-date when it was first created, things have undoubtedly changed since then. Consider how different websites seemed 10 or 15 years ago versus how they do now.


If you don’t update the look of your website, people may assume that you don’t care about the little things, which may be really unattractive. They can even worry if your company is still operating if your design is particularly archaic.


Your revenue is dropping.


The amount of money you make can be significantly impacted by an old or unclear website design. When choosing a car dealer, convenience is a top concern for many individuals.


This implies that if your website is challenging to use, visitors won’t stick around to spend time finding it out. In order to discover a vehicle dealer with a functional website, customers are far more likely to close the page and go back to the search results. Your sales will consequently decline as a result.


You’ve received unfavorable client comments.


Customers may occasionally tell you directly if they have an issue with your website, but you’ll likely find that they communicate it in other ways.


For instance, if you conduct a search for your company on review websites, you can come across unfavorable comments and low ratings that the reviewer defends by claiming they failed to comprehend your website. If you start to hear comments like these, it’s important to have a makeover as quickly as you can because it can really harm your reputation.


Search engines have a hard time finding your website


In a perfect world, when someone searches for a vehicle dealer online, your website would come up first. However, an out-of-date website design may imply that your site is no longer optimized for search engines, which will decrease the amount of traffic to your website. Your position in the search results can be improved with a fresh design and updated copy.


You have a high bounce rate.


Your website’s bounce rate is the proportion of visitors who land there but don’t browse past the home page. In other words, they’ve already made a judgment about you and concluded you don’t have anything to give, so they don’t see the benefit of learning more.


It’s crucial to make sure that the first-page visitor’s view is both useful and interesting because a high bounce rate frequently leads to fewer sales. You must offer consumers a reason to stay on your website.

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