Is your dealership giving you the Real Deal?

The astute consumer of today is driving the ongoing transformation of digital retailing. Although dealers adopted digital retailing solutions more quickly as a result of the epidemic, customers’ desire for online financial discovery and transparency has increased even more quickly.


Many consumers are still searching for firm credit offers in real time, no matter where they are, even if many dealers employ digital retailing tools that assist a customer in calculating a monthly payment or receiving a soft approval. A recent Cox research indicated that most dealership websites did not offer finance-based shopping, and that 50% of auto buyers preferred to apply for credit or financing online or at home.


Essentially, the point of sale has shifted to the customer’s location. This means that the purchasing tools and procedures at your dealership must be adaptable enough to meet the needs of vehicle buyers at every point of the sales process, including financing. As a matter of fact, 38% of credit applications on SimpSocial are filed outside of business hours.


Providing a full end-to-end buying experience that includes in-person, real-time credit decisioning for customers is the equivalent of having a showroom open around-the-clock, and it will help you close more deals. So, where should you begin?


-A dealer website that expresses your dedication to openness and allows for finance-based shopping


-A digital retailing solution that gives your customers up-to-date credit decision-making from your chosen lenders and precise pricing information based on dealer rules and preferences.


-Omnichannel sales solutions that facilitate an easy online to offline transfer

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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