Is the Rush of Seeking Out New Customers Always Worth It?

Going after the next new thing can be enjoyable. It’s exciting to chase something. If you’re taking something away from someone else while winning, it’s even more thrilling.


That’s just human nature, but it frequently results in dealership marketing that is overly concentrated on luring in new sales clients.


While expanding your clientele is crucial, avoid becoming sidetracked by the rush of relentlessly pursuing new clients to the point where you neglect your current clients. What good is spending money on acquiring a new business if you can’t keep it?


Every relationship, including the one you have with your consumers, goes through a honeymoon phase. The actual labor begins once the initial glow fades, but it is worthwhile. Long-term value can be found in returning customers.

Continue to deny the fact that maintaining existing clients requires just as much effort as acquiring new ones. Here is your evidence that quality is just as essential to your clients as quantity.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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