Is The Dealership For My Car Lying To Me? This Is How You Can Tell

The greatest time of year to purchase a car is during the next two months. Model changeover season occurs in September and October when the new model year cars arrive and the old models are marked down. It’s also the time when more individuals inquire, perhaps not coincidentally: Is my vehicle dealership lying to me?


“There are dishonest people everywhere,” warns automotive expert Lauren Fix. “The key to resolving these situations is to state the facts and try to remove the emotions, as hard as that may be.”


Consumer confidence in auto dealerships has recently declined. The percentage of Americans who think they got the best bargain from their dealership has dropped to 61% from 65% in 2017, per an annual survey by Cox Automotive. Approximately 33% of purchasers express dissatisfaction with their vehicle acquisition.


Let’s explore the lies told by some vehicle sellers on a brief road trip. I’ll go over how to recognize them and how to react. Therefore, nobody will steer you in the wrong direction if you find yourself at a dealership this autumn in need of new wheels.

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