Perhaps you’re a smaller dealer who is unsure if SimpSocial’s system will work for you. I’m happy to report that I have some wonderful news for you. SimpSocial’s system performs as well as — if not better than — that of large dealerships. Why? Because you can do everything a larger dealership with a large staff can do with SimpSocial, and even better. You don’t need to hire ten people and spend all day on the phone to follow up on leads. Rather, we send the leads directly to your dealership. At SimpSocial, size doesn’t matter. We assist car dealerships all around the United States in increasing vehicle sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re small or big. We can also assist you.

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SimpSocial is great for marketing small dealerships. Why? We’re your marketing department, after all. Instead of hiring a crew of marketers and paying their salaries and insurance, you may simply employ SimpSocial. When you have SimpSocial, you may hire one BDC rep to do the work of ten BDC reps.

A BDC is a million times less effective than our Text Ninjas and Hybrid Intelligence. We collaborate with your small dealership as a team and are as committed to your success as anyone you might hire. Finally, our goal is the same as yours: to assist you in selling more cars.

So, what exactly does SimpSocial do? For car dealerships, we provide modern communication and advertising options. With our proprietary SMS/Text dialogues, we let you take control of your dealership’s leads. Learn more about how we generate high-quality leads for you.




What methods do you use to generate auto leads for your dealership? We’re aware that many smaller dealerships are still doing things the old way: cold-calling, using a CRM, and airing TV advertisements. It’s time to get back to work.

We do things differently at SimpSocial. We employ the most up-to-date SaaS technology to assist you in generating more leads and selling more cars. SimpSocial is required if you wish to compete with the larger dealerships in your area. They’ll be baffled as to how you’re able to sell so many cars with such a small team and business. We are the key to your success.

Our approach works because it is a three-step process that is quick, straightforward, and EFFECTIVE:




Being a smaller dealership has its advantages and disadvantages. With our Facebook and Instagram ads for your dealership, SimpSocial casts a wide net. Don’t panic if you’ve already tried Facebook auto advertisements and they’re not working. We know how to design Facebook ads that succeed since we’ve spent more than $30 million on them so far.




The actual benefit of SimpSocial for small dealerships is that we can follow up on every lead for you indefinitely. We follow up with every single lead we generate for your dealership until they buy or pass away. Small dealerships rarely have the resources to do so on their own. SimpSocial, on the other hand, has had success in generating leads for car purchases even after we’ve been in contact with them for a year or two.

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How are we going to do it? With the help of our text ninjas. Text messaging is the quickest and most efficient approach to sell more cars. It enables customers to quickly communicate with you (well, us) without interfering with their regular life. They don’t have to leave a meeting or take a break for a phone call. All of their queries can be sent to us via text message. The best thing is that they had no idea it wasn’t you they were conversing with the entire time! When the consumer arrives to the dealership, your sales team can view the full SMS discussion and is ready to discuss their needs.

With the stroke of a mouse, we can follow up with tens of thousands of leads. We keep the discussion continuing with anyone responds until they’re ready to schedule a visit to your dealership. What makes us so successful is our hybrid intelligence. It is, in fact, partially automated. However, when it is necessary, we use individualized, human connection to develop the necessary relationship with the lead in order to convert them into a sale.

In a small dealership, what happens to the leads most of the time? You have to let them go after a few days, if not weeks, because you just don’t have the time for constant follow-up. SimpSocial, on the other hand, turns even dead leads into sold autos.

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All of this means that your dealership’s workers can concentrate on what they do best: selling vehicles. After the client arrives at your dealership, all your sales team has to do is close the deal and sign the paperwork. No more wasting valuable time following down leads that don’t turn into sales. SimpSocial will be a pleasure to deal with for your entire sales team.




When it comes to selling cars online, SimpSocial is the go-to company. In the last few years, the automotive business has altered dramatically. You will cease to exist if you do not evolve to keep up.

It doesn’t matter how big your dealership is when it comes to SimpSocial. In fact, SimpSocial might be able to assist you in expanding your dealership from a small one to a larger one! We assist dealerships of all sizes sell more cars, whether they are small, medium, or large.

SimpSocial is a system that works. If you’re still not convinced, consider this case study of one of our satisfied clients in Des Moines, Iowa. You may hear from real SimpSocialusers, including small dealerships, about why SimpSocial is valuable to them. SimpSocial allows you to accomplish far more than you could on your own. When you partner with us, you’ll be leagues ahead of the competition in your area.

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We collaborate with your dealership in order to help you sell more vehicles. Our goal is to provide you with qualified leads who are ready to visit a dealership and purchase a new (or used) automobile. Please contact us right away to find out how we can assist you in selling more cars in the coming year.

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