To some, the automobile industry used to resemble the wild west. What with the gunslingers as dealers. To sell as many vehicles as possible, dealers used to locate something that worked and pump more and more money into it. Why not double a marketing investment of $7500.00 in direct mail that resulted in 35 automobile purchases the following month in the expectation of doubling the results? Today, most stores have lost their entrepreneurial gunslinger spirit. The day is ruled by staying safe and doing what everyone else is doing.

For the past two decades, dealership marketing has evolved at an ever-increasing rate, albeit few dealers go into new marketing area until the herd has already moved in that direction. Dealers, like every other dealership in every other town around the country, have switched their marketing budgets from traditional to digital. Dealers today are doing less newspaper, television, radio, and direct mail than they were two decades ago, yet most would agree that this was and still is the greatest way to spend marketing resources. Websites, SEO, SEM, and third-party lead suppliers were able to generate more leads per dollar, and practically every dealer went all in. Today’s marketing scene has shifted again again, and early-adopter dealers now have a stronger advantage than ever before. If this appeals to you, go inside your closet and dust out your pistol belt, because the wild west has returned.

Facebook began as a lamb and has grown into a lion. Dealers have been attempting to gain likes and post non-sales content in the aim of selling cars for years. Some vehicles were sold, but Facebook was seen by dealers as a necessary evil and did not evolve into a vehicle delivery mechanism for many years. Facebook has matured in the previous two years, and the Facebook lead generation ad is the most cost-effective way to identify auto customers and bring them into your dealership. It is, in fact, the closest thing to a silver bullet now accessible. Facebook accounts for up to 30% of sales for dealerships that embrace it and adjust their marketing budgets to reflect their success. So why are so many dealerships hesitant to give it a shot… or, if they do try it, why are they so hesitant to give it their all?

Many dealers have dabbled in Facebook with a $500 or $1000 investment and then decided it wasn’t for them? In the 1990s, how many automobiles could you have sold with $500 in direct mail or newspaper? Other forms of digital marketing, while taking into account software, people, and budget, are also unable to do so. Let’s get down to business. Any strategy that will actually boost incremental sales will cost more than $500. We all know that Facebook is where the majority of us consume the most media, so allocating a larger amount of our spending to it makes reasonable.

Not only will Facebook provide you with more leads for less money, but the leads will also be higher gross consumers than any other source. Car buyers submit the majority of internet leads after spending ten or more hours researching the best strategy to extract every last dollar of profit from the transaction. They come into your store with their heels dug in and ready to fight. Facebook lead generation advertising appear in people’s newsfeeds. They’re scrolling through photos of their friends’ children and holidays when they come across a new automobile offer that appeals to them. They haven’t gone shopping or doing research. They’ve just responded to an offer with two easy clicks and are back to like their friends’ status updates.

It really is as easy as two clicks. The lead form on Facebook is auto-populated, and the customer opts in to receive SMS messages.

Texting is the easiest approach to schedule an appointment once you’ve captured this customer lead. Text message open rates top 99 percent, according to a survey commissioned by SinglePoint, and 90 percent of text messages are read within three minutes. Talk about a high rate of communication…

Facebook lead generation advertisements are swiftly gaining traction, and you can’t afford to be the last business on your block to implement them. If you’d like to see some examples of successful Facebook advertising, please contact us on (888) 829-1110 .”

Although Facebook may appear to be a wild west, your customers are already there.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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