Is it possible to customize a leased vehicle?

If you like to drive a brand new automobile and have a smaller monthly car cost, leasing a car is a terrific option. However, what would happen if you wanted to alter your rented vehicle? There are restrictions on what you can and cannot do with the car because you don’t really own it. Furthermore, leasing firms are typically strict about the conditions they want you to maintain your car in.


The various changes you can make to your leased car without going against the terms of your contract are broken down in this article.


What Can You Do With a Car That You’re Leasing?


When a sum is paid off on a leased car, you do not become the owner of the vehicle, unlike when you finance your own.


The leasing business lends you the car for a predetermined period of time in exchange for a set monthly payment. This implies that you will be subject to extremely stringent terms and conditions from the lessor while using their car.


Typically, your contract will state that the dealership has to return the vehicle to you in the exact condition you found it when you drove it off the lot. This complicates personalizing your leased car.


Your greatest option if you must make changes to your leased car but are determined to take it back before the end of the lease is to make non-permanent changes.


Which Modifications Are Permitted?


Make sure you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your leasing agreement before making any changes to your rented car. Anything that would go against the terms of the contract you signed is not what you want to do.


See if your lessor approves of any adjustments by having a conversation with them. Most non-damaging, temporary, and removable vehicle modifications should be acceptable in general.


Steer clear of adding permanent modifications like aftermarket spoilers. Drilling holes in the car would be necessary to install one, even if it could theoretically be removed.


Consider changing the tires or rims if you want your rented car to look sportier or more opulent. It’s among the easiest adjustments you can make. Simply keep the original wheels on the car until the lease expires and then replace them before returning it to the dealership.


You can also improve your leased car by installing aftermarket electrical and radio components, as well as exhaust and intake systems. However, ensure that none of the standard automobile parts will be harmed during the installation or removal of these items. To ensure you can restore the original parts on the car before the lease expires, keep all of the original parts.


Under certain conditions, certain lessors will let you tint the windows of your leased car. Here’s more about that.




Applying a thin plastic coating to the windows of an automobile is the process of getting it colored. This movie tints the glass. Make sure your lessor approves of the tinting before tinting your rented car. Check your state’s laws as well, as different states permit varying levels of car window tinting. Moreover, several states forbid car tinting altogether.


Verify whether your dealer offers window tinting as a component of their detailing services if both your state and your lessor allow it. The best and least dangerous choice is to have the dealership handle this service.


You might be able to get your leased car’s windows tinted by a third-party installer, but be aware that this is a riskier alternative than going via your dealership. Your lessor might give you this option. In the event that the third-party installer installs the tint improperly, you might be responsible for any damages. When your lease expires, you would have to, at the absolute least, take the improperly applied tint off the car before returning it.


Can I Adjust My Car Rental?


If you’ve thought of adjusting the engine control unit (ECU) on your leased car in an attempt to increase performance, you might be making a very expensive error. The car’s warranty would be immediately voided if the ECU was tuned. In the event that your dealer discovers the change, you will also have to cover the costs of recovery.


If you don’t plan to buy your leased car when the term ends, it isn’t advised that you tune your car.


Which Are a Few Potential Penalties?


If you make changes to your leased car without the lessor’s consent, it might be quite expensive.


The vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty will be voided if certain major modifications are made. If your warranty is invalidated, you will be responsible for paying for any repairs to your car that the warranty would have otherwise covered.


In the event that the car does not match the dealer’s standards for condition, you can also be required to pay up at the conclusion of your lease.


The automobile will undergo an end-of-lease examination before you formally return it. The dealer usually performs this examination 60 to 90 days prior to the lease expiration.


You will be requested to take down any aftermarket modifications that were not authorized if they are discovered during the vehicle inspection. Given that you broke the terms of the lease, the dealer has the authority to impose expensive fines and penalties on you.


And if I intend to purchase it,


Examine your options for financing the car instead of signing a lease for a car you already know you want to change. In the short run, this might cost you more money, but if alterations are something you really want to get, it might end up saving you money and hassle later on.


After the lease period expires, you can typically buy the car if you have already signed the lease. When a dealer puts a car back on the market, they usually give you first dibs on the purchase. Don’t forget to include the purchase price point in your lease agreement, which is the amount the dealer is willing to charge you for the car when the lease expires.


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