Is it a must-do or is it outdated? Obtaining Likes for Your Facebook Page

One Facebook Page management tip is to go to the list of people who have liked a post (or an ad) and submit an invitation to someone who hasn’t “liked” the Page yet. This may be a way to transform post interaction into Facebook fans. Is it, however, worth the effort?

We agreed with our Facebook Partner Manager that asking people who liked a post to Like the Page isn’t very valuable in 2019. Pages with a large number of Likes/Followers have little effect on the algorithm. Only if there is anyone at the organization who cares for Page Fans, or if you really want to only do organic posting in the future and delete advertising from the equation, would this be useful. There is no connection between Page Fans or Engagement and business outcomes, according to Facebook.

Since organic reach is normally poor, this is only a viable strategy for Pages with little or no ad budget who only intend to devote time to writing organic posts. In the end, it’s a question of Time vs. Treasure.

We’ve discovered that it’s cheaper for our clients to spend the money on advertising rather than pay anyone (either a contractor or a salary) to manually invite Page Likes and then see their organic scope dwindle. This paying approach targets a much larger number of people and helps us to optimize for specific business goals.

Do you have any questions about how to create the best Facebook strategy for your company? Our team will assist you in avoiding costly errors.

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