Introducing “The State of AI in Customer Service: 2023 Report”.

Since we released the 2023 edition of our Customer Service Trends Report earlier this year, we’ve received a lot of inquiries concerning the potential effects of recent AI advancements on the customer service environment in the coming months and years.

We polled more than 1,000 leaders and professionals in global support to find out. We questioned them about their attitudes toward AI, the things that excite and worry them, and how they are modifying their plans to take advantage of the enormous opportunities that this technology offers.

Future-ready support executives are already considering ways to incorporate AI-powered technology into their current IT stack.

The State of AI in Customer Service: 2023 Report contains the research we found, and we’re eager to share it. This study is jam-packed with insights and practical advice that you can use to boost your AI support, provide tangible business results, and make a significant impact.

Learn how AI developments are changing customer service.

In this research, we examine the top AI developments that will alter customer service as we currently know it. Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

AI investments in customer service are growing. Future-ready support leaders are already considering how to include AI-powered technology into their tech stack in light of recent AI developments, and 69% intend to increase their investment in AI in the coming year.

Instead of replacing humans in support roles, AI will enhance them. In the next five years, more than seven in ten support leaders (78%) believe AI will fundamentally alter the customer service industry, opening up new career paths and establishing whole new job types.

Including AI and automation in your support, toolset can help you realize significant cost savings. Business resilience is more crucial than ever, and 66% of support leaders are enthusiastic about utilizing AI and automation to boost team productivity in the upcoming year.

When it comes to CX, AI has the potential to give businesses a competitive advantage. Customer experience is already a key difference, and AI will fundamentally alter how customers expect help. In fact, 73% of support leaders think that within the next five years, clients will demand AI-assisted customer assistance.

Between CS leaders and practitioners, there is an “AI readiness gap”. Less than half of support practitioners share the confidence of over two-thirds of support leaders that customers are ready to interact with an AI chatbot. As a result, there is a chance for leaders to share their excitement about AI for customer service with their teams and make sure they are bringing them along on the journey.

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