Interactive Voice Response from A to Z

Interactive Voice Response from A to Z

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and is a tool that allows businesses and organizations to:

Make a survey

Create polls

Remind them of their appointments

IVR enables you to handle a larger number of consumers with a less crew. It also makes interacting with your business more engaging. Additionally, it may be utilized for both inbound and outgoing calls, making it a relationship-building solution.

Examine some of IVR’s characteristics to learn how it might help your firm make a bigger impression on your contacts.

Routing of Phone Calls

Answering every inbound call is a Herculean undertaking that can deplete a company’s resources tremendously. Call-routing is an IVR function that allows users to choose how their calls are filtered. You could, for example, create a phone tree that reads, “Thank you for calling Wayne’s Widgets.” Press 1 to order a new widget. Press 2 to change or cancel an existing widget purchase, and so on…” Customers will be sent to the most suited employee for each option you present, saving you time and money.

Surveys by phone

Wouldn’t knowing what items and services your customers wanted help your bottom line? Or you might ask them for suggestions on how to improve your operations? You can accomplish just that with phone surveys! You can create an outbound call tree that asks contacts questions like these: “Say something to Danny’s Doo-dads! If you think we should provide more seasonal goods, press 1. If you believe we could improve our customer service, press 2. If…”, press 3 Regardless of how your business functions, it will only succeed if you understand how to effectively serve your clients, and phone surveys can help you do that.

Data Gathering

What good is a phone tree if you don’t know whether it’s giving you any useful information? You’ll be able to access a world of data with SimpSocial’s IVR system in seconds, all of which is easily exportable. You can obtain data to assist you:

Determine where clients are falling out by tracking call length; perhaps your call tree has too many branches, or you should simplify what you’re asking them.

Collect replies – All of the “Press 1” and “Press 2” options are added together, revealing what customers want from you and where you can improve.

Measure results – Find out which element of the IVR process customers value the most; if they all want to chat about customer service while ignoring product or service comments, your IVR is saying a lot!

You can never have too much data; all you have to do is evaluate it appropriately and remain flexible. This has the potential to result in true bottom-line growth.


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