Intelligent Routing Is the First Step Toward Smarter Calls

Call routing management can help you save money.


You probably have an image of a very straight delivery line in your head when you envision making a call, say, to the other coast. Given the speed of voice-over IP (VoIP) communications and the vast range of carriers available today, there are a lot of possible paths your call could take. That “line” may contain quite a few zigzags, but your call will still arrive in a remarkably short amount of time. With no jitter or post-dial delay, all thanks to the Internet, and sound fantastic.


You’ve probably heard of least cost routing (LCR) if you’re involved in the communications, or even simply the financial side, of your SaaS company’s decision-making. Any cloud communications service that connects to other networks is likely to use some kind of Least Cost Routing engine, which automatically routes your call along the least expensive path (thus the zigzag or zigzag) using a rate table. Both inbound (toll-free) and outbound (local or international) telephony can use least-cost routing in real-time.


Why not? The majority of CPaaS suppliers provide an LCR. Everyone wants to save money on their rising telecom costs, especially as their business grows, don’t they?


However, you can incur additional costs.

Both times and occasionally, you get what you pay for. Of course, it’s necessary to save money, but at the end of the day (or night, in this case):


You need your calls to connect promptly, have clear audio, and have minimal jitter or latency (a delay in sound that makes talking difficult). Additionally, call drop-offs are the worst and should never occur!


All of this is crucial for call centers and other businesses that support customer communications since poor call quality can have a major negative impact on the viability of the enterprise. Let’s be honest, though. The long-term success of every organization depends on providing positive client experiences, including uninterrupted discussions.


What Exactly Is Intelligent Call Routing, then?

High-quality, reasonably priced calling is similar to least-cost routing, intelligent call routing (ICR) analyzes rate tables to determine the most economical call route for each of your calls. Unlike LCR, Intelligent Call Routing employs machine learning to analyze your call behaviors over time in order to predict which route is most likely to guarantee delivery and generate the best call. The two meet in the middle to decide which option is the best value. In other words, we route, deliver, and lower expenses the more calls you make.


The fact that SimpSocial offers more than 40 carriers (in addition to being a VLEC, or Virtual Local Exchange Carrier), supports intelligent call routing. The SimpSocial ICR procedure is automatically carried out for all the 40+ high-quality carriers available on our platform, unlike most providers, who only have a small number of carriers and employ LCR. The use of numerous carriers also offers redundancy, preventing you and your customers from worrying about service interruptions and delivering more calls—and calls of higher quality—to remote areas that are difficult to reach.


In addition to invoicing in six-second increments rather than the typical 60-second intervals, SimpSocial attempts to save you money. Therefore, if you make a 12-second call, you will only be charged for 12 seconds and not a full minute.


We Give You the Controls as Well

Beyond our automated Intelligent Call Routing system, SimpSocial performs a groundbreaking action: we offer our clients complete transparency so they can see how and where their calls are being routed and change carriers in real time if there is ever a problem. Normally, ICR automatically optimizes calling routes; but, in the event of an outage or other issue, calls may be diverted. Our U.S.-based Customer Success team is available by phone if you have a specific problem. Time is money, though, so you do have the ability to modify things right away if you so desire. In the blog post the following week, more will be said about that.


* * * * *


Even though least-cost routing is fantastic, it won’t help if your calls are static or don’t go through at all. A SaaS company can succeed or fail based on a few too many of these calls.


With Intelligent Cost Routing, SimpSocial is dedicated to giving you the best pricing, including scalability as your business expands, as well as the best calling experience possible (in this case, turning the adage “you get what you pay for” on its head!). Ask your telecoms company how calls are routed the next time you speak with them, as well as whether they offer any controls that would allow you to take over. Maintain client satisfaction by making just the best calls, and rest easy knowing they are being made on the least expensive routes.

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