In the Yard

180 titans of the auto industry are now stepping forward as A Billion. Who will come after?


Unsophisticated dealers are unable to adapt and implement the cutting-edge efficiencies that are setting the pace in the industry due to the speed at which the auto business is currently moving. Instead, they are working with less efficient tools and techniques that once worked.


The opportunity to grow and profit, however, has never been greater for the sophisticated dealer. More and more industry success stories are “going Yard” these days, or surpassing the billion-dollar mark in net worth, which begs the question of who will join Penske, Musk, and Miller on the list of auto industry billionaires.


At SimpSocial, we take pride in helping our dealer clients realize their maximum potential, whether that means “going yard” soon or progressively preparing over the course of a ten-year plan. To learn how SimpSocial’s market-leading solutions may help your dealership hit the ground running, book a demonstration on our website. / SimpSocial (888) 829-1110

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