Improving Phone Agents with Call Scoring

Making sure that your phone agents are meeting expectations and having productive phone conversations is one of the most crucial things you need to concentrate on with them. More sales as a result of successful calls equals better success for your dealership. Call scoring is one of the best methods for assessing the success rate of these phone calls.


Describe call scoring


A common method of gauging the effectiveness of phone agents is to score their performance during calls. The calls you are rating must be recent calls that actually occurred for this review to be successful. The evaluated calls are logged and contrasted using a predetermined set of metrics and KPIs.



How to Score Calls Correctly


It’s crucial to create the ideal conditions and pick the appropriate calls to score when getting ready to score calls for your agents. It’s crucial to use current calls and to go over them as soon as you can with the employee following. Score calls that actually occur with consumers rather than role-play calls are also far more beneficial. If you use previous calls, you won’t get a true image of how your salespeople are doing right now, and if you use simulated calls rather than genuine calls, the stakes are lower and the setting is different.


Once you get the call recordings, you can contrast them with the metrics and KPIs you chose in advance. Make sure to provide each measure with a numerical value so you can calculate an overall score. In order to provide the employee with precise feedback about what went well and what didn’t, you should also include remarks explaining why you gave the particular score that you did.


Use of the Scores


Once you get the results, you can utilize them to determine where to concentrate your training efforts on group and individual levels. Spend some time examining the scores for your phone agents to see if there are any patterns. The scores should allow you to determine the group’s and individual contributors’ strengths and weaknesses. Set up review sessions to go over the outcomes with each employee. Even though it could take some time, the sooner you can discuss the findings with each sales agent, the better. They can give context for their choices if the phone call is still fresh in their minds, which will allow you to give them the proper training to help them better. You may track your success and determine who to promote and who may eventually need to be taken off the phone by looking at your scores over time.


There is a training gap that needs to be filled if the team as a whole scores below average in a certain area. If you use an outside organization, such as Phone Agents, to handle your call scoring, they can also offer tools to assist you in actively coaching and training your staff. The best way to achieve outcomes is through continual coaching since it will enable the phone agents to make the necessary adjustments to improve their performance over time.


Other Approaches to Think About


While call scoring is a useful tool for assessing how your team is doing, you shouldn’t use it as your team’s sole means of instruction and evaluation. Regular team and skill building is crucial to development, with Active Coaching being the finest and most successful method. Phone scripts are another weapon you can use to arm your team for effective sales calls. One-on-one training has been demonstrated to be a viable method for assisting less seasoned or newer personnel in acquiring the skills necessary for success. Working with a coach enables students to see how they can put the concepts they are learning and the expectations placed on them into practice.


It won’t happen immediately, but neither will it take an eternity. One of the best methods for assessing the success of your sales personnel is call scoring. Additionally, it gives you the knowledge required to ensure that your training is appropriately targeted and efficient. To keep your focus on the greater vision, make sure to constantly put it into practice.

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