Improved reporting, new communication channels, and much more

Our product team has made it their mission to expand those capabilities within the SimpSocial platform as omnichannel experiences grow more significant to customers and CX turns into a critical differentiator for organizations.


In light of this, our April features emphasize access to relevant data to help you develop and grow your organization, as well as increased and more effective communication channels. Let’s now review the products we have created for you during the past month.


Instagram for Support is Here


For your consumers to have a fully integrated omnichannel experience, support should be available across all of your digital channels. We have therefore released the Instagram app for SimpSocial! Manage conversations straight in your SimpSocial Inbox from Instagram. Customers may reach out to you in the way that is most convenient for them (enhancing their experience), and you can benefit from automation, Inbox rules, and other things at the same time. Before you download the Instagram app, take a look at our checklist in our Help Center.


Multiple WhatsApp accounts can be connected to SimpSocial


You can now link several WhatsApp Business API accounts to a single SimpSocial workspace, building on the recently launched WhatsApp as a communication channel to level up your support. This enhances the consumer experience while giving your support team a more effective and streamlined experience. Visit our Help Center for more installation advice.


dynamic material in emails that are personalized


Create specialized and individualized emails across the entire customer journey with dynamic content. Reduce the time your team spends creating customized emails by using a scalable no-code solution to make sure your customers see the appropriate material at the appropriate time. Click here to quickly learn how to add dynamic content blocks to your emails.


To organize and filter content, use tags. Response Bot responds


Now that Resolution Bot answers can be tagged, your teams can better organize their content. To better manage replies as your company and customer support teams grow, you may filter for answers based on tags and view any tagged answers on the “Manage Tags” page.


Increasing your engagement skills


We took the time to enhance the methods by which you can examine Bot content and how you can preview Custom Bots while concentrating on enhancing interaction. Look at a few of the adjustments we made last month.


Improved reporting will raise the number of times people click on articles


The new “Search with Results” section makes it simple for teams to assess whether keywords were successful in directing viewers to the appropriate content. Teammates can use this information to alter and enhance article content to increase click-through rates.


Teammates can analyze the performance patterns of articles over time for positive, negative, and neutral reactions with the use of an upgraded “Articles Engagement” section. Additionally, they can benefit from viewing enhancements like filters and switching between percentages or numbers to have a better understanding of how their viewers interact with articles. Take control of your article reporting right here.


Better analysis and reporting are used in Perfect Resolution Bot’s responses.


Now that the answer statistics for Resolution Bot have been charted over time, you may identify trends. Your team is able to evaluate and comprehend the effects of both positive and negative answer modifications. As a result, you can gain new insights each month and be empowered to make adjustments to increase the relevance of the responses your customers get from Resolution Bot, resulting in excellent customer experiences. For additional information on how to view your Resolution Bot reports, see our Help Center.


previews of Custom bots in real-time


We’ve updated Custom Bot previews so that teammates may now view their Custom Bots in a modal instantly after clicking the Preview button. Before, teammates could check out the messenger on a teammate’s domain, but now you can watch the Custom Bot in action directly. Now everything can be done inside the teammate’s app while you or your team is working on bots, eliminating the need to jump between contexts.


SLAs that are more flexible


In the SLA creation modal, teammates can now provide customizable response times that range from seconds to minutes to hours to days. This gives your staff greater flexibility and options to help them meet their reaction time goals.


Since the pandemic, users have largely grown accustomed to hybrid involvement. Customers experiences ought to confirm this. Your team can concentrate on providing fantastic customer experiences thanks to our innovative new capabilities, which also streamline communications and make it easier to collect and use data from a single tool.

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