HubSpot has named SimpSocial as a Platinum Partner

HubSpot has named SimpSocial as a Platinum Partner.

SimpSocial is pleased to announce that we have been named a HubSpot Platinum Partner, having met HubSpot’s high standards in:

Certifications for Onboarding


We’re proud of our track record of successfully implementing HubSpot marketing for developers, designers, and a variety of other businesses. Reaching this new tier is a badge of distinction, demonstrating our team’s experience in implementing lead generation, sales monitoring, and campaign management strategies for our clients.

What exactly is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a robust CRM that is based on the inbound approach. It’s a tool for attracting new leads, engaging with them, and delighting them into being customers and promoters for your business.

According to HubSpot’s Flywheel model, if your inbound approach is aligned with your business goals, you can use the energy of pleased customers to generate referrals and repeat sales.

Model of a HubSpot Flywheel

HubSpot: The Flywheel (source)

What is the purpose of HubSpot?

It’s not just a methodology; it’s also a strong CRM (customer relationship management tool). Every stage of the buyer journey can be tracked in HubSpot.

Contact histories will reveal the lead’s original source (organic search, paid search, social media, and so on), demonstrating the return on your marketing investments.

Create lists to organize and segment your leads so that you can curate your marketing messages and send the right details to the right people at the right time.

Create and embed forms with progressive form fields, which alter when the user has already responded to a query. Without being intrusive, learn all about the clients and prospects.

Create deals to keep track of sales leads and pass them down the sales funnel. From the time an appointment is made to the time the deal is closed, you can keep track of your offers.

To see your deal stages, revenue, communication sources, and more, run reports. With Dashboards that display the metrics that matter to the sales and marketing teams, you can easily exchange report data with them.

HubSpot has three subscription levels to choose from, allowing the company to scale as it expands. Do you want to learn more? Let’s talk about it.

The Top 5 HubSpot Implementations at SimpSocial

In what ways has SimpSocial excelled at applying HubSpot for our clients? Here are some of our personal favourites.

#1. Using Home Price Searches to Build Email Automations

Our team developed workflows that send emails to a section of visitors based on their website behavior. Our automation activates for some of our homebuilder/developer clients depending on the home price range that a website user searches for.

Contact Enrollment Trigger in HubSpot Workflow SimpSocial designed this for a home price quest.

The prospect receives the subsequent email sent to this section immediately, providing them with useful knowledge at the precise moment they are interested in learning more about it.

#2. Using the HubSpot Integration to Build Custom Ads Audiences

Our award-winning Facebook team will build custom audiences and remarketing audiences in Facebook Ads using HubSpot lists. This direct integration ensures that as HubSpot gathers more leads, the custom audiences are refreshed in real time, giving our clients more touch points during the buyer journey.

For example, based on home search activity on the website, we created a custom audience and served content to these leads that was centered on inventory vs. lifestyle details. When these leads convert, the integration also helps us to display revenue derived from advertising.

#3. Revenue and Influenced Contacts Tracking

The SimpSocial team was able to see the number of leads affected by a particular campaign after implementing HubSpot’s “Campaign” feature.

We were able to report that a particular event campaign produced 2 closed deals and 64 contacts who interacted with the campaign by assigning specific email properties, workflows, Facebook ad campaigns, and Google ad campaigns to it (influenced contacts).

SimpSocial created a HubSpot campaign report screenshot for a development to monitor influenced revenue and contacts.

#4. Specialized Email Welcome Series (Award-Winning)

Email drip promotions, which are a series of emails that expose your subscribers to various facets of your brand while potentially moving them further down the funnel, have always been a SimpSocial favorite.

It’s simple to build a welcome series in HubSpot for a particular segment of buyers with a specific interest. Our team developed a drip campaign for a 55+ Active Lifestyle Community that consisted of a series of seven emails sent over a longer period of time to sustain communication and interest between progress announcements.

The drip initiative earned a Silver Award at the International Builders’ Show, with benchmarks well exceeding industry averages (IBS).

The average open rate is 38.37%. (Industry average: 21 percent )

15.07 percent is the average click rate (Industry average: 2 percent )

Level of Builder Leads: 12.5% (73 out of 585)

17 sales came from online sources (half of initial sales)

#5 Personalized Reporting Dashboards

Because of our intimate relationship with our clients, we can recognise the metrics that are important to you and assist you in creating reporting dashboards.

SimpSocial created a custom reporting dashboard for HubSpot to display leads by lifecycle stage and chatbot source.

The SimpSocial also has a dedicated HubSpot support team that will help you find more ways to improve the way you report data and keep up with new HubSpot reporting tool updates.

What Is HubSpot and How Do I Get Started With It?

SimpSocial has a track record of assisting developers and builders in growing their businesses using HubSpot software. Schedule a time to talk if you’d like to learn more about the possibilities. Let’s talk about you for a moment.

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