How We’re Expanding Our Maintenance Program

By providing tailored maintenance program management to franchise dealerships, dealer groups, and service contract businesses in the US and Canada. We handle the labor-intensive tasks so you can concentrate on giving your dealership the tools, procedures, and reporting capabilities it needs to attract both new and returning clients for service.


For you to concentrate on what you do best, which is selling more automobiles, our Customer Retention Technology platform works in the background. Since we know that one solution won’t work for everyone, we create solutions specifically for your dealership that are both cost-effective and appealing to customers.


And we don’t sit back and take it easy. We’re always working to improve our offering so you can accomplish your job more effectively. Check out our recent activities, and get in touch with us when you’re ready to learn more about a tailored retention plan for your dealership.



Recent Changes to Our Free Maintenance Programs for Certified Maintenance


MaintenanceProgram, our all-in-one Dealer SimpSocial Platform, is entirely scalable. To meet the unique demands of your dealerships, we may scale up or down. You won’t have to worry about anything and won’t miss a beat because this happens automatically behind the scenes. Plus, you have access to data professionals and support around the clock, complete security and compliance (including built-in firewalls that only let certain access, multi-factor authentication, and encrypted data storage capabilities), and all of the above. Our system is dependable, adaptable, and economical.


Several of the parts that make up our system have been divided apart as well. This gives us the flexibility and agility to overcome constraints and problems. Additionally, it enables us to choose the finest framework and technology for each program offering. Because a certain technology is employed in another area of the system, we are not forced to use it exclusively. You can be sure that your software and programs will always be up-to-date, useful, and functional.



Our Data API updates


Our application programming interface (API) is the conduit through which all of our data enters and exits. This implies that machines can manage the work instead of people. Our technology allows you to alter your workflows to make them more efficient and rapid, which results in more flexibility in the way services and information are delivered. To develop unique user experiences, you can provide information and services to your complete consumer base or a segmented list. Additionally, you can have material created and published automatically, enabling simple sharing and distribution. With our secure token API connection to our service, we presently offer a wide range of E-Contracting and F&I Menu providers. Check the list often since it is constantly growing with new suppliers. You may tailor the content and services that you use the most and migrate your data quickly and easily, making changes as your needs change over time.



Regulatory Updates


Our entire code has undergone hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of tests. Thanks to this agile process, we can identify (and eliminate) defects before they cause any problems for you. We decrease expenses and development time by enhancing the quality of the code, so you receive updates and improvements before you even realize you need them.


Additionally, our database is updated and optimized for big data. Data is highly available, easily scaleable, and searchable. Additionally, we can see the overall picture while continuously keeping an eye on all servers and databases in our system thanks to our monitoring service. If something does go wrong, we’ll be aware of it and handle it before you are.


Additionally, we updated our Customer Experience Transformer (CXT) with machine learning. This enables our algorithms to analyze the vast amounts of available data and learn and develop.


You might not understand all of this information and technical lingo right away, but rest assured that your Certified Maintenance Complimentary Maintenance Program is always current and available when you need it because of our dedication to quality and constant upgrades. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without it once you’ve used it.

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