How Well Do You Know Your Customers? Why You Need Content Marketing

When your company isn’t producing the desired outcomes, it’s time to reassess, strengthen your strategy, and realign your advertising efforts. The best approach to establishing your target audience and (drumroll please) reaching them is through content marketing built around thorough buyer personas!


Continue reading to find out more about buyer personas and how they may aid your content marketing efforts.


101 Buyer Personas

The term “buyer persona” is used by HubSpot to describe “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer.” You will give your buyer persona a name, age, employment, and a short narrative based on demographic information from the industry and your own consumer base. How do they live their daily lives? Do they have children? Do they have a partner? What problems do they have that your product or service would address?


For various target audiences, you could have more than one identity. As a Ford dealer, you might, for instance, cater to Generation Xers Pete and Cindy searching for a quick and exciting sports car or Millennial Harrison eager to upgrade from his first car out of college.


Find out how to create your company’s buyer personas here!


Choose the channels that matter.

Do your customers regularly read the newspaper, or does Instagram serve as their digital news source? Your content marketing efforts can be targeted to the most profitable channel for ad expenditure, right down to the times they’re most active on social media, helping to ensure that your articles are seen and earn the highest amount of engagement.


Speak the Language of Your Customers

Your content marketing outcomes can greatly benefit from the creation and use of buyer personas. Knowing your audience allows you to customize your message for the best possible reception. You’ll be astonished at how much simpler it is to connect with potential searchers when you’re speaking their language.


According to a Marketing Sherpa study, one company that adopted a persona-driven content marketing approach had a 210 percent boost in website traffic and a 124 percent boost in revenue coming from the internet!


Get Integrated to Start Producing Meaningful Content.

Once you have an understanding of who your personas are, you can create content specifically for them based on the internet search terms they use and position your company as the answer to their problems. This will help you engage with them, generate leads, and turn leads into customers. What’s even better is that getting to know your customers well can boost every aspect of your company’s promotion.


Working with an integrated advertising company can help you not only develop accurate and thorough buyer personas but also identify the best marketing channels, from print to PPC to production, for your personas to achieve the best return on your advertising investment. Contact us right away to find out how our fully integrated advertising agency may benefit your company.

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