How to Write Emails for COVID-19 That Will Be Read

Do you believe you have a virtually foolproof email marketing strategy? Reconsider your place. Email marketing and what once worked changed drastically as quickly as Coronavirus became a household word. It’s likely that by the time you put a new strategy in place, it will have changed again.

During COVID-19, we used an email marketing approach.

The reality is that these extraordinary times are in flux, and the old adage “the only constant in life is transition” has never been more true. After all, compassionate manifesto-style emails are out and swinging-deals are in in just one week! Here are a few examples of how COVID-19 has influenced how we interact with customers:

Offers! Offers! Offers!

Your buyers are eager to learn about the deal you’re offering, and it had better be fantastic! Customers are struggling, and they know the company is as well. Now is the time to give mutually beneficial opportunities to entice them to help your company with funds that are most likely restricted. Using this as an opportunity to gain new business by offering offers that are too good to pass up!

Is it better to send or not to send?

Simply put, send! Out of caution and fear of being disrespectful, 44% of companies reduced their sends. This is a bad idea. The number of people who open their emails has risen for three reasons: Value, escapism, and the ability to be productive are all important factors. Businesses of all kinds have the opportunity to provide customers with a discounted service or item during a tough period, a way to avoid their current uncertain reality when scrolling and shopping, and the potential to be efficient (hello, overdue home projects!) Make the most of this time and potential!

Sending Times That Work. What exactly are they?

Mornings and the middle of the week used to be the best times to be alive. Time has stood still since COVID-19. Employees work from home, children study at the dinner table, and Fridays might as well be Thursdays. In reality, since life happens after 2 p.m. in stay-at-home land, the peak open rate periods are now in the afternoon. But because something can happen, now is the time to test, test, and test some more! Determine what your customers want and change your menu accordingly.

Emojis, Subject Lines, and Understated Urgency

How can you make your email stand out in the midst of a sea of them? Be straightforward. Be truthful. Give stuff to people. Oh, and throw in an appropriate emoji for humor – yes, humor – and your open rates will skyrocket. What exactly does this imply? Here are five things to think about while writing a subject line:

  1. Customers are more likely to open an email with a subject line that clearly addresses the current situation, with B2B open rates up 52% and B2C open rates up 48%.
  2. Consumers are familiarizing themselves with previously unfamiliar acronyms such as WFH (Work From Home), as this has become their new standard.
  3. Do you know how to use emojis? Emojis in subject lines are catching on. What is the reason for this? Right now, people are subconsciously attracted to happier stuff. Life is unpredictable, but an emoji makes us happy. Smiling is a positive thing.
  4. The new ACT NOW is subtle urgency. Nothing is particularly urgent in today’s world, especially a sale on a non-essential object. People don’t want to be any more stressed than they already are, so make your subject line feel urgent. Keep in mind that our country’s interests have changed for the time being.
  5. Use the subject line to ask questions and provide responses. “Are you having trouble with WFH? Here’s a step-by-step guide to working from home.” Don’t make them look for the solution; show them you’re there to help and you have it.

Customer correspondence, whether B2B or B2C, has never been more reliant on the internet. Don’t be hesitant to communicate with them; they want to hear from you, but they also want you to make it worthwhile for them. Create some one-of-a-kind email templates, as B2C click rates increased by 38%. Try out different send times to reach the customers where they are right now. This is an ever-changing situation, and we must adapt if we are to continue engaging with our existing customers while also developing new ones.

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