How to Use Digital Marketing for Trade-In Opportunities at Its Best

The automobile inventory at dealerships around the nation has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns and rules over the past year. In response, many shrewd dealers adopted the strategy of spending more on marketing to locate customers who were prepared to trade in their current vehicle for a fair price, getting around the problem of low inventory. We’re giving our readers the most effective digital trade-in ROI maximization tactics in this blog post.


Top Techniques for Creating Trade-In Conversion Opportunities


Don’t overlook improving conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the methodical process of raising the proportion of website visitors who complete a desired activity, such as filling out a form or making a purchase, according to SEO product tool supplier Moz.


SimpSocial’s comprehensive automobile SEO approach is built around CRO. To start spreading the word that trade-ins are welcomed, you should:


To prevent your trade-in tool button from being cluttered and lost in a sea of other buttons, make sure your VDP is optimized.

Verify that the tracking of Trade-In conversions is enabled in your Google Analytics account.

Our standard suggestions for VDP buttons in 2021 are:


Purchase from Home (form conversion)


Call Now! (conversion from click to call)

Value My Trade-In (form submission and trade-in valuation conversion)

In addition to being essential for encouraging strong UX, frictionless design is also preferred by Google, which favors pages that are best adapted for mobile. This results in fewer distractions and more targeted goals and buttons on the VDPs of your website.


Pre-roll for the Driving Trade-In Awareness Video


Your digital marketing plan is most effective when it connects with various consumers’ requirements through various channels. While many dealers only use Google Ads to generate leads, third parties frequently saturate the SERP area with trade-in awareness and marketing messages.


That’s where a successful video marketing plan is useful. Video has proven to be a potent tool for attracting customers into the consideration funnel and initiating the trade-in process due to decreased competition and cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM). Why? Because it encourages people to work with a local dealer rather than a big-box supplier, where they have a lower chance of getting the best value.


Over the course of a month, the following occurred for a sample client’s marketing trade-ins with YouTube pre-roll ads:


18,000 views of videos

721 calls were made using mobile devices at a cost of $0.12 per video view.

Although it’s difficult to match that ROI, you may still use social media to generate more leads.


Trade-in leads can be obtained through Facebook Lead Generation Ads. According to Facebook’s business support page:


You can design campaigns with a lead generation goal that asks users to provide their contact information in an ‘Instant Form,’ also known as a web form. The Facebook pixel allows you to monitor lead conversion events on your own website as well.

The automotive sector has had some of Facebook’s greatest results with lead generation ads. People just press your advertisement, and a form appears with their Facebook contact information pre-populated and ready to be forwarded to your BDC or sales team for follow-up.


Short, incentive-based ad language and a straightforward, single image are often features of the highest-performing trade-in lead advertisements.




Test both a landing page experience ad and a lead ad if this is a fresh discovery for you or if you are more interested in having trade-ins flow through your trade-in platform. The best strategy to maximize the return on your digital efforts is to be open to experimenting with various ad styles.


Concentrate on the basics.


It doesn’t require inventing the wheel to use digital methods that are successful for vehicle sales to increase trade-in business; it just takes flexibility and time. But it’s crucial to always keep in mind that the fundamental components of the vehicle pages themselves are what really make your dealership’s website successful.


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