How to Tell Your Dealership’s Story on the “About” Page in an Engaging Way

Do I joke around? Should I share a touching tale? Do I begin with the history of my dealership? Should I inform them about my company, about who I am, or about how my company might benefit them?


The same questions are being asked by numerous vehicle retailers. Everyone is aware of the significance of this section of their dealership website. It informs potential buyers about your dealership’s history, core values, and ways that it may benefit society. Check out the pointers listed below to enhance your “About” page and describe your dealership.


Start with the most interesting aspect of your company. Unless it had a really exciting beginning, avoid beginning the history of your dealership by describing the early years when it was just getting started. To capture the reader’s interest, begin with a few noteworthy incidents or facts. This is the time to let your dealership’s character shine. Show your audience that the website’s and company’s management are concerned about their demands. Consider the About page as a discussion with a prospective customer about how your dealership may assist them in their car-buying process.


Regardless of how uninteresting you may think it is, a lot of people are interested in learning about the history of your dealership. Profit from the significant events in your history by using a chronology, infographics, images, or a video. Present your history as a narrative that appeals to people’s senses and emotions. Utilize these strategies to capture the audience’s interest. Get their attention by promoting your dealership’s goods and services. Car customers can frequently visualize themselves in one of your vehicles more easily once you incorporate their senses and emotions.


People are curious about the history and core values of your dealership. Include your dealership’s values and demonstrate how those principles have been upheld throughout time. With your potential consumers, you can build credibility in this way. To help buyers get to know your dealership a little better, it might be a good idea to post employee bios along with your dealership’s principles. Others contain images, detailed descriptions, emails, or unique phone numbers. For your dealership, you can choose how to present personnel data.


A common practice among dealerships is to highlight all of their accomplishments and extol the virtues of their business on their About page. This can be productive in some situations. Although you want people to respect your dealership’s authority, doing it too often may turn them off. Everyone makes mistakes, but when a business makes claims that it is the best in the industry at everything, people start to doubt it.


Instead, your dealership should highlight its ability to assist clients and distinguish itself from its competitors. Concentrate on whatever it is that your dealership does best that will enhance the car-buying experience for customers, such as excellent customer service, high-quality vehicles, warranties, affordable prices, etc. To create credibility, you can include pertinent accolades and client recommendations but don’t rely too much on these elements. You want people to have positive impressions of your dealership, but you don’t want them to set unrealistic standards that would decrease customer happiness.


Your location, the identity of the owner, the year your dealership was founded, the size of the business, and whether it is family- or publicly owned should all be listed on your About page. If your auto dealer website design doesn’t have a Contact Us page with your address, phone number, business hours, map, and contact information, you should also have these details on your About page. A compelling About Us page can help people learn more about your dealership.

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