How to Make Your Company Phone Number More Valuable

How to Make Your Company Phone Number More Valuable

How many times have you urged your customers to contact an 800 number for more information or to get in on a once-in-a-lifetime promotion, only to wonder if this is the ideal strategy for engagement?

SimpSocial, it turns out, thinks your existing business line is pretty powerful, and our platform has some built-in features that can show you how it can help you grow:

Tracking of phone calls

You may use call tracking to track inbound calls, record them for customer service, and even see how long they last. If you have multiple numbers that you broadcast to the public, SimpSocial’s tracking tools can help you figure out which ones are more effective at generating sales and new clients. Our tracking solutions can help you enhance every business metric that is related to a call.

Assign one number to a billboard, another to social media, yet another to a radio advertisement, and so on. Multiple numbers can be programmed to ring to your main number, and SimpSocial’s platform will categorize these inbound calls so you can discover which phone number (and the messaging that goes with it) resonates best with customers and promotes sales.

Activating Text

Customers call you on your phone numbers, but you may also text them. Texting is enabled by default for SimpSocial numbers, but we can also text-enable existing toll-free or local numbers assigned to your company. As a result, SimpSocial can handle all of your calls and bulk messages in one place!

Our technology provides a dashboard that can distinguish between texts and phone calls, allowing you to view how customers interact with each line. You can also set up immediate emails to notify you of incoming calls or messages so you can analyze them or reply to consumer enquiries while you’re on the go. You may use any phone number you have for everything from marketing to customer service when you enable texting. Our simple keyword methods make it simple to specify phrases like HOURS or LOCATION, allowing for a higher level of involvement than was previously possible with a speech tree or an IVR.

IVRs with a Tree

Did you know that SimpSocial has a team of IVR experts who can help you create your phone tree? We have you covered, whether you need a simple voicemail system or a complicated inbound call response system.

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