How to Make a Walk-Around Inventory Video That Works

These 5 crucial suggestions can help you make walk-around inventory films that sell and reach more online auto buyers.


Your goal should be to sell your vehicles in addition to generating interest in them while doing a walk-around inventory film. The more characteristics you highlight in your videos, the better, as the majority of modern automobile buyers begin their purchasing journey online at the research stage. However, there are several more strategies you can use to set your movies apart from your competitors. Continue reading to find out more.


What Buyers Want to Know Before Buying a Vehicle Online

Important data, including horsepower, performance, fuel efficiency, wheel type, infotainment, and more, are typically found on a conventional Vehicle Display Page (VDP). The essentials, you understand! But contemporary automobile buyers are also looking for other characteristics that aren’t often featured on the VDP.


The top ten attributes of a car that consumers want the most, according to AutoPacific’s 2022 Future Attribute Demand Study (FADS), which polled over 11,000 people planning to buy a car in the next three years, are:


  • Front-seat wireless charging station: 47%


  • Moonroof and/or sunroof – 44%


  • 41% of vehicles are all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.


  • 41% of dash cameras


  • Parking sensors for the front and back – 41%


  • Front heated seats: 40%


  • Front chairs with ventilation/cooling: 40%


  • Monitoring of drowsy/distracted drivers – 39%


  • Complete tire fill warning – 39%


  • outlets with USB-C: 38%


Making live walk-around inventory films gives you the opportunity to highlight these extra features while also giving potential customers an engaging sales presentation that will convince them to choose your dealership over a rival one.


So how can you create a sales presentation that works? Let’s investigate!


Your Walk-Around Video Guide in Five Steps


1. It’s time to make an interesting film to promote your inventory now that you are aware of what today’s shoppers look for in their cars. When filming your video, take into account the following five crucial steps:


2. Do a thorough walk-around of the vehicle to start off by demonstrating the exterior. Be sure to display any dents or scrapes if the car is used. There are no secrets! During this stage, emphasize any additional outward features like a sunroof or custom enhancements.


3. Take the potential buyer inside the automobile next; remember, you’re selling an experience, not simply a car. Think about aspects like technology, comfort, and safety. Mention the type of seats, their material (leather or cloth), and their cooling or heating capabilities. Highlight this item if the seats have power adjustments since it was ranked as one of the best features in the AutoPacific poll.


4. Next, proceed to safety. Now is the opportunity to demonstrate features like backup cameras, dash cams, drowsy driver systems, and parking sensors. Remember to note the car’s 5-star NHTSA safety rating. Then demonstrate further technological features like USB-C outlets and wireless charging stations. Show the viewer the infotainment system and briefly discuss its functions. Remind buyers of the benefits of these gadgets, such as keeping the youngsters occupied on lengthy drives with the headrest monitors.


5. Finally, display the trunk space, a crucial aspect that customers frequently ignore but would like to know. Show prospective automobile buyers how much space there is in the trunk for luggage and other goods. Put things inside to show how roomy it is!


Additional brief suggestions to remember


  • Not worrying about the video’s length is a good idea. In actuality, if a customer is interested in a car, they will either watch a longer video or skip each step of the walk-around.


  • Never take yourself too seriously. People are accustomed to and even enjoy engaging with authentic content in the modern digital age. Be yourself, get fired up, and let your enthusiasm for the car show.


  • Take into account adding a full-time team member for this particular position. You don’t want to overwork or place unreasonable demands on the time and abilities of your current staff. Your sales team will have more time to handle all the leads these movies will generate because many skilled experts have the equipment and editing software needed to swiftly create engaging walk-around videos for your dealership.


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