How to Involve Your Staff in Your Social Media Strategy

You must start imagining fresh, cutting-edge ways to communicate your brand’s message as individuals (especially younger generations, like millennials), who are more hardened to advertising, become more and more apathetic to it.  According to studies, as social media usage increases, people are turning less to advertisements and more to the views and experiences of their peers when making decisions, particularly about purchases.  Utilizing your own staff to spread your brand messages is a simple way to profit from this trend.


 Instead of being perceived by many people as being untrustworthy or only interested in making a sale, your staff is respected experts among their peers.  If your audience doesn’t feel like they are being marketed to but rather informed by a reliable source, they will be more likely to read your message.  Because the opinions of your employees are genuine and credible among their peers and acquaintances, developing a message that they wish to spread will greatly expand the pool of prospective customers for your business. When compared to the same messages sent via the official brand social channels, brand messages were shared by employees 561% more widely. When employees spread brand messages instead of the brand itself, they are shared 24 times more frequently.


What To Do First


You’ve probably already recognized how crucial it is to include your employees in your social media strategy after hearing these startling numbers, so allow us to provide you with some advice on how to get started.


Create A Program With Incentives


Create a program that pays employees for providing information about the business; it doesn’t have to be elaborate or difficult. Asking staff members to submit photos of team gatherings (team breakfasts, parties, or trade exhibits) so that your marketing team may share them on the company’s official pages for public exposure could be an easy way to start.  Giving out monthly awards to the staff members that participate in the company’s social media initiatives the most is a fantastic alternative.

Give a centralized communication tool

To communicate updates with your staff, use a private Facebook group, an email list, or a group messaging app like Slack or Yammer. These tools are fantastic for ensuring that everyone is on the same page and effectively reflecting the brand.  Your employees will feel more invested in the business and more involved if you post updates frequently on these channels. They will also have greater freedom to choose whatever issues they feel are significant enough to discuss with their networks of friends.

Spotlight Personnel

This one is related to a program with incentives. You can inspire others to strive for recognition by openly praising staff members on social media.  Additionally, regardless of how big or small your business is, this is a fantastic method to boost morale and foster teamwork. Tag that employee in the post to get visibility to their audience as well, which is another simple approach to boosting engagement.

Get together with your team and decide the best methods. You can start incorporating them into your marketing plan right away now that you are aware of why your employees are so crucial to your strategy and that you are aware of some initial recommendations.


First Step: Make sure your brand and culture are accurately portrayed so that both the company’s official platforms and those of your employees are delivering a consistent message. This is the first step in involving your employees in your company’s social strategy.


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