How To Improve The Assisted Living Community’s SEO

How To Improve The Assisted Living Community’s SEO

Senior living facilities need a successful senior living SEO plan to improve awareness and climb to the top of search results as more seniors use search and social media today. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of seniors use the internet today; we know they’re looking; the question is, who can they find? To target your particular audience and set yourself apart from other senior living choices, SEO is also essential. Seniors and their families searching for independent living communities can use different keywords and search methods than those looking for assisted living or skilled nursing.

For Senior Living Communities, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must.

Keyword Research for Senior Living

Ranking for keywords is essential, but only if your target audience uses those keywords. There are a number of options available to assist you in selecting the right words. Google Keyword Planner and are great places to start because they’re both free and will provide you with feedback and search volume estimates. This will help you focus on the keywords that matter most to you and keep your content important. The best way to get local traffic is to target keywords with high search volume as well as keywords with geo identifiers. If your assisted living group is in Houston, Texas, for example, you’ll want to include Houston, Texas in any of your keyword phrases so that Houston-area prospects can find your website.

Long-tail keywords are also essential for driving traffic. For example, “assisted living in Texas” or “affordable assisted living” may be long-tail keywords for an assisted living environment. They’re more targeted, may or may not have a lot of search traffic, but they’re less competitive (and therefore less expensive) at attracting the people you want.

Don’t Stop at Keywords

Google releases more advanced algorithms on a daily basis, and it gets smarter every day. The semantic web concept has begun to be incorporated into search engines, allowing them to define meaning and better match search queries with the user’s purpose and actions. This means that having unique keywords on your website, as well as optimized metadata and H-titles, isn’t enough. Your material should be both free and useful. It may be a free PDF with a checklist to help families find the right community for their senior parent in the senior living sector. To get a prototype, click the button below.

Conversion Optimisation

You’ve worked hard to boost website traffic, but now it’s time for the traffic to convert. You should include your website design and user interface when determining your SEO strategy. Is the architecture of your website suitable for senior citizens? Are your conversion-optimized landing pages? Do you have phone numbers, online forms, a sign-up for a newsletter, and direct call-to-action callouts?

Take into account the website’s mobile experience as well. Is your website fast to load? Visitors dislike waiting and will abandon your site if it takes longer than three seconds to load, limiting your growth and lead generation opportunities. A sluggish mobile site also affects your score, according to the most recent Google Speed Update. Here’s where you can put your skills to the test.

Do you want to learn how to implement Inbound Marketing in your Senior Living Community?

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How To Use Inbound Marketing Effectively In Your Senior Living Community

Maintain the relevance and freshness of your material.

People are searching for information online and reading reviews more than ever before in order to make a decision (by the way, how do the reviews appear on social media and listing websites?). If you regularly publish fresh, valuable content that lets your guests learn more about your assisted living facility and offers resources to help them choose the best community for their needs, you can draw more traffic.

Google is a big fan of new content (did you know they have a Freshness Algorithm and a fresh content rating factor?). Your latest material, which is clearly tailored for your chosen keywords, and regular updates inform Google that your site is important to the subject and, as a result, will help you rank higher. The more useful material you have on your website, the better.

Create backlinks

A dynamic, high-quality link-building campaign is critical to your SEO strategy. The number of times your website is connected around the web is used by search engines like Google to determine relevancy and popularity. Getting your senior living facility listed and checked on Google My Company, as well as senior living directories like A Place For Mom,, or, is a great way to create highly relevant backlinks. This will also help you attract tourists who would not otherwise find you.

Maintaining consistency across directories is important, and using a data management tool like Yext or anything similar would make your life a lot easier.

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