How to improve financial services’ client value and experience

The financial services sector is facing new challenges as a result of rising client expectations for services that can be accessed whenever and wherever they are, increasing competition, and changing workplace habits. According to SimpSocial’s second annual Customer Success Metrics Survey for the Financial Services Industry, implementing a cloud-based communications and collaboration platform may be a potent tool for exceeding customer expectations and generating value for the entire company.


delivering considerable advantages to workers and clients

SimpSocial offers significant internal and customer-facing benefits that position their organizations for success in this rapidly changing environment, according to the findings of our recent survey, which included the opinions of executives and decision-makers at financial services organizations in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada.


Customers now anticipate flexible, customized mobile offerings as more innovative online products and services from financial services businesses have become available in recent years. The worldwide epidemic only made these mounting demands worse and made digital transformation even more necessary. For instance, banks experienced record levels of mobile logins, check deposits, and call center interactions, while insurance companies increased their use of digital tools for processing claims and answering callers’ questions, and mortgage lenders experienced record levels of online applications and loan servicing questions.


“Financial institutions are realizing that these client movements are likely to be long-lasting due to the convenience and expansion of digital services. In order to retain efficiency and customer happiness, the industry must also overcome the inherent difficulties of remote and hybrid work, according to Matthew Lehman, Industry Principal for Financial Services at SimpSocial. Financial institutions must concentrate on both the employee and customer sides of the equation if they want to remain competitive. Using a unified communications platform as part of a larger digital transformation strategy is a good way to handle this challenge.

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