How to Grow Your Dealership’s Facebook Page

You understand, as a dealership, how important it is to advertise and promote your dealership on social media platforms in order to attract new clients. Managing the lack of attention your dealership website is receiving is the challenge.


These simple actions will improve your page’s visibility to Facebook users and have an impact on the number of fans you gain.


Friend your neighborhood


Any dealership on Facebook must connect with local media, community organizations, and other companies (not rivals!). But simply friending or “liking” these pages is insufficient. Have someone, such as your internet manager, engage with nearby companies for a while. Even two hours a week of consistent connection will have a good effect. Like and distribute content from other pages that isn’t advertisements or community activity. Making the effort to interact with others on your Facebook page will transform your dealership page into a resource and networking tool. These interactions will also help you avoid having to constantly create unique content for posting and will help spread the word about your business to more people.


Make Your Page Known to Your Customers


Your Facebook profile should be visible to everyone who enters or exits your dealership. Don’t miss the chance to have them ‘like’ you on Facebook so you can capture their attention wherever you are and whenever you want. It might have taken a lot of work and promotion to bring them to your dealership. Here are a few straightforward strategies that you ought to use. Find out which one works best for you by testing them at your dealership.


Print your Facebook URL anywhere you can.


Make sure a link to your Facebook page is included in each employee’s email signature.


Post a sign at your front desk.


Make sure your website’s pages all contain a link to your Facebook page. To keep visitors on your website, try the social media bar.


Use your imagination to inspire creative ideas to advertise your Facebook profile. The options are unlimited.


Promote modest competitions


Running significant contests on your Facebook page is not wrong. Sure, they might garner a lot of attention, but if done poorly, they might turn out to be a waste of money. Instead, concentrate your efforts on marketing lesser incentives. Hold a straightforward contest at your dealership and post Facebook photos of the winner and their prize. Posting top-secret code phrases on Facebook and managing entries in person are two other strategies. An effective strategy to start ongoing interaction and interest with clients is to invite Facebook users to participate with your page and your dealership. By rewarding your clients, you may encourage them to comment well about your dealership both online and offline, which gives you great material for Facebook posts.


Update it, then update it again.


Maintaining fresh content on your Facebook profile is essential. Nevertheless, creating fresh, pertinent content every day is difficult. On the other hand, no one is more knowledgeable about the events that take place daily in your dealership than you are. These are all things that would make excellent blog posts. Here are a few suggestions:


Testimonials from Clients


If you don’t already ask consumers to leave reviews, praises, or recommendations at your dealership, start doing so right away. Post pictures of consumers giving glowing reviews or testimonials once a week. These blogs will highlight your dealership without being arrogant, and they will demonstrate to any commenters that you care about their opinions.




Promote any community fundraisers you participate in, any local events your staff may attend, and any trade exhibits you may attend. Briefly describe the occasion your dealership is supporting, including its date, time, and location, and urge people to attend. After that, be sure to include images to encourage customers to attend subsequent events by providing them with a visual representation of the event.


Ask for opinions


Asking your friends and “Likes” for comments on your dealership, your website, and your Facebook page is another way to consistently make high-quality updates on your page. For instance, ask them for suggestions on how to enhance your customer service. Even though your dealership might not be able to execute every suggestion, it shows that your business values its customers’ opinions and worries.


Your Facebook page’s upkeep doesn’t have to be challenging! It may be a straightforward yet highly efficient method for boosting traffic to your dealership and company.

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