How to Get Service Department Customers to Download Your App

Nowadays, it seems like there is an app for everything, and we have pages of them on our home screens, many of which we never even use. It can be difficult to convince your clients to add your dealership app to their already extensive list because they are not different from you.


If done effectively, an app can significantly increase the revenue of a service department, and users enjoy them as well.  Customers will find it simpler with an excellent app to:


* Review their service record

* Set up meetings and test drives

* Receive service notifications

* Monitor loyalty points

* Observe showrooms


A well-made app can be a quick and easy way to ensure that more people buy cars from you and are 25% more likely to visit you for service.


For dealerships with a higher level of technological sophistication, you might even build up a geofencing marketing campaign to better promote services to app users based on their location.


However, why is it initially so difficult to convince car owners to download apps?


The top 4 reasons why clients of the service department aren’t installing your app

If given the option, customers dislike having to download apps. According to Forbes, 91% of people detest having to download applications in order to conduct business. However, considering that half of those consumers will still download it, be sure to differentiate yourself from other dealerships by making the app optional but still alluring.


Although the reason why users aren’t installing your app isn’t always obvious, it usually boils down to one of these four factors:


Simply put, users won’t download your app if they are unaware of it, so you need to do more marketing for it.

You’re pushing it too far; on the other hand, if you try to compel clients to use the app or make it a condition of doing business with you, you run the danger of upsetting them and losing their business.


How does utilizing the app benefit the user if it doesn’t provide any value or if there isn’t a clear need for it? Look at the list of things that “good apps” may assist users with once more. What benefit does an app have if users can visit your website just as easily?

Similar to the last point, there is no need for users to download the app if there is nothing enticing them to give it a shot.

How to get clients from the service department to download your app

It’s acceptable to invest more to provide the consumer with additional value given how beneficial an app can be for your service department in terms of customer retention. In light of that, here are three strategies to increase those users’ propensity to download the app.


Promote your app using the appropriate channels.

First things first: if people are unaware that you have an app, they won’t download it. On your website and in all pertinent marketing materials, make sure to promote the app. Additionally, you want to advertise it on any other platforms where your clients are likely to view it, including social media and email marketing.


Since you already have your clients’ contact information, you might think about texting them a link to your app so they can download it with only a few taps. You might also think about posting leaflets or posters with a QR code or a quick link in the waiting area of your service department.


At the same time, refrain from constantly hammering customers with app promotions. And that gets us to the next point, which is that the client needs a reason to download it.


Make sure the software provides a distinct benefit.

Customers won’t download your app if it is just a replica of your website; instead, your app needs to provide something that customers can’t obtain anywhere else. For example, this may be simpler scheduling tools, personalized service reminder alerts, or their service history.


Spend money on making the software useful, user-friendly, and functional in addition to this. Don’t only think of your mobile app as an afterthought to your website because people spend a lot of time on their phones and want a good mobile experience.


Make sure it is obvious what the app offers and why the client should bother downloading it, however, you add value.


Provide a reward for downloading the app.

Many car owners will require a little extra motivation to download (and figure out how to use) a new app in the first place, even though the software itself should offer distinct value.


Offering a discount on the first service appointment scheduled using the app is one strategy in this situation. This encourages clients to use the app while simultaneously highlighting how much simpler it is to arrange an appointment (and receive a discount) through the app than through the standard methods.


Offer ongoing incentives to avoid the temptation for a vehicle owner to download the app and then remove it once they’ve obtained what they want, in order to enhance the effectiveness of this strategy. For instance, McDonald’s used to give away free fries every Friday with any in-app purchase of $1 or more. Customers had a reason to keep accessing the app because of this.


Similar strategies are used by certain dealerships with regard to free or reduced oil changes. However, we discovered in our analysis of dealership retention that while reductions and promotions may reduce earnings, they don’t always foster greater loyalty.


Increasing customer loyalty in the service department without relying solely on app downloads

If done effectively, an app can be helpful, but it can also be resource-intensive and only go so far. So what would be a better option? Providing clients with advantages they genuinely value is the gist of it. Even if customers don’t have your app, SimpSocial, for example, enables dealerships to offer special perks to elevate the customer experience.


SimpSocial features set you apart from the competition with services like road hazard tire protection, dealership-loyal roadside help (no app required), emergency alternate transportation, and personalized client messaging.


Additionally, since these SimpSocial incentives are only offered in conjunction with qualifying maintenance procedures (such as an oil change), it encourages customers to visit more frequently. Vehicle owners return to the dealership for quality servicing and renewed benefits when the benefits run out and the subsequent suggested service is due. All of that without the need to download any apps.

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