How to Get Better at Making Dealership Appointments

Making appointments takes up a sizable chunk of the week’s tasks in the auto dealership industry. The intended outcomes or stable business, however, are not produced despite all efforts. Making dealership appointments successfully requires that you have the correct advice and strategies.


In order to obtain a continuous stream of leads, it’s crucial that you hone your dealership appointment-making skills if you want to compete with today’s digital disruptors and the guy down the street. Here’s a guide on how to achieve that.



How to Improve Your Dealership Appointment-Making Techniques: 6 Tips


1. Create a culture of appointments


It’s true that you want your team to concentrate on selling automobiles, but you should also aim to create a team that is driven by an appointment culture. Pay close attention to the little things and train your staff to consider how they may go above and beyond to schedule a customer’s next appointment, whether they work on the sales floor, in the front office, or in customer service. According to market research, 84% of Automobile purchasers prefer doing their shopping in person, and 73% go to dealerships because they have terrific salesmen. So, you can increase the number of leads coming to your dealership by creating a workforce that is customer experience-focused.



2. Nurture Leads That Are Generated


Although cost is frequently the most important consideration when choosing a dealership, 54% of buyers are willing to spend more for a positive car-buying experience. Encourage your team to take initiative and react quickly to leads. Make your consumers feel like they are a part of your family by offering assistance with any inquiries or solutions they may have. According to a McKinsey & Company analysis, personalization can increase ROI by 5-8 times while increasing revenues by 10% or more!



3. Streamline Your Scheduling Procedure


More than 80% of customer-dealership interactions, according to research, start with a phone call. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize that the caller’s primary goal should be to make an appointment. On the phone, you can’t just give the customer a price. Do not conduct an on-call diagnosis if the customer contacts you about a problem with their car. Invite the customer to bring their car to your dealership, set up an appointment, and arrange for a mechanic to check it out.



4. Continue Contacting “No Shows.”


Unfortunately, there are those clients who just do not show up for appointments as frequently as we’d like. They simply forget most of the time and will generally reschedule. But you still need to be proactive and get in touch with them to change the appointment. Your clients will value the thought. According to research, Monday and Tuesday are the best days to contact automobile buyers because these two days account for 30% of online inventory views and 37% of lead generation.



5. Make the following appointment.


Your dealership should automatically schedule the customer’s subsequent maintenance appointment before they leave. Work it out with them, put it in your system, and remind them to come in at the specified time and day.



6. Keep enhancing your appointment-making abilities


Auto dealership sales strategies and procedures are always changing. So, to consistently make appointments, maintain refining your appointment-making abilities. Get the tools and information you need to enhance the customer experience and motivate more people to visit your dealership. It’s critical that you impart marketing knowledge to every member of your team so that they are all aware of the difficulties and requirements of your clients. Next, keep in regular contact with clients via the channel they choose, provide helpful advice and support, and periodically solicit their comments.

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