How to Engage Customers on Mobile Successfully

It’s still incredible how a single device can alter our way of life. There is nothing that can compare to the worth of a smartphone. Smartphones have passed the “trends” stage and are now considered a necessity in today’s world.

Fortunately for companies, this has resulted in more opportunities to gain customers. With the advancement in information technologies, further possibilities have arisen. Smartphones are a reliable way for salespeople to connect with and sell to their customers in today’s mobile-first world.

The smartphone industry is booming.

With smartphones as everyone’s favorite device, launching a company is now simpler, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before.

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With smartphones as the ultimate platform, mobile has created new ways to communicate with our industry. According to a Provision Living survey, the average American spends 5.4 hours per day on the internet, with 13% of millennials and 5% of baby boomers claiming they spend 12 hours or more. With the growing prevalence of social media applications and other mobile functions, this number is only expected to rise in the future.

How would you maximize your promotional strategies and be at the top of your customers’ minds on mobile now, as a small business owner? Here are a few pointers that you may find useful.

1 – Be in the moment

Businesses today are well aware of the value of social media. This is also why a slew of new small businesses keep popping up, giving consumers a plethora of choices. As a result, in order to be effective in any industry, you must be present at all times.

Begin with a website and expand your social media presence from there. With too much rivalry, however, remaining stagnant is as good as having no presence at all. Today, being there for customers necessitates further effort.

Make your website mobile-friendly so that consumers can easily access it. You must devote time to maintaining your social media pages so that you can properly connect with customers. Provide customer service across all channels and ensure that each one is attended to by a pleasant representative.

2 – Get to know your clients

Never go into a fight without a weapon. The most important thing to remember before diving into the world of mobile sales is to know who you’ll be dealing with. Reaching out to mobile customers can be easy, but it can also be ineffective if done incorrectly.

Determine who the clients are. Find out what they need, what they want, what obstacles they’re facing, and what their most cherished desires are. You’ll be more prepared to approach them and sell them a service or product they won’t be able to refuse.

Customer is shown a contract by a saleswoman.

As far as possible, avoid seeing the audience solely through the lens of demographics. Customer tastes are shifting, and your product may no longer be as valuable to your target market as you think it is. For example, a luxury car brand’s sales could be declining because it caters to an older audience with the financial means but little interest in the product. Instead, astute sellers who know how to personalize their targeting might consider attracting the attention of a young elite market that enjoys flashy automobiles. They may not have the financial means, but they certainly have parents who do.

3 – Set a goal and reward yourself

It’s time to plan the next move after you’ve determined who your customers are. You must be able to play with the customers’ minds using their desires in order to communicate with them.

Woman uses her phone to enter a coupon code for a discount at the supermarket.

Is there a shopping cart that has been abandoned? Send a customized coupon with a time limit to your client. This makes the product or service even more appealing than it was previously. Has a customer made a purchase? Send a follow-up SMS with a special bid. If a consumer buys a gadget, for example, you can sell gadget accessories for a much cheaper price.

You may also make them feel like VIPs by asking if they want to join an SMS loyalty program. This benefits both parties; apart from making them feel appreciated, you’ll be able to reach out to them in a more personal way if you have special offers or discounts.

4 – Make sure each channel is linked.

SMS marketing and phone sale are both successful methods of capturing the customers’ attention quickly. It cannot, however, stand alone when it comes to sales success. Customers are more skeptical of salespeople who do not verify product and brand details before making a purchase.

As a result, in order to use SMS sale efficiently, all other platforms must be intelligently looped in. If you’re sending out a promo via text message, make sure your message includes a connection they can click to learn more about it.

Other platforms you used to get in touch with customers should be listed the first time you send a message. Second, introduce yourself and explain how you obtained their contact information. Perhaps you received it when they registered on your website? Or after you exchanged emails with them? This also implies that you value their privacy above all else.

5 – Make your text messages automatic.

The fact that SMS ads and phone sales target people on their preferred platform is the main reason for their success. As a result, agents who interact with these customers should have access to the tools they need.

Women keep their phones in their hands as they enter the code for a store discount. The idea of offering marketing services over the internet for easy access to information is a novel one.

Sending messages by hand is a thing of the past. If you’re serious about SMS sales and marketing, you’ll need to get your team on board. Sending automated SMS messages and broadcasts is a surefire way to get your message across quickly and efficiently.

Another duty you can handle is keeping customers involved. Today’s businesses must keep their customers informed about updates, promotions, and other significant announcements. You can never lose contact with your customers if you want to remain on top of their preferences.

With SimpSocial, you can sell on your phone.

Businesses must be able to adapt to changing consumer demands, especially on mobile. Selling with smartphone is a breeze with SimpSocial’s advanced contact center features. You can set up mobile opt-in campaigns in no time thanks to its simple automation setup, unlimited SMS, and other features.

SMS automation is a feature of SimpSocial’s intelligent solutions. Set up message triggers from your contact list to send text broadcasts with ease. You can send unlimited texts to customers with SimpSocial all of which are enabled by MMS or picture messages.

There’s a lot more you can do with mobile to increase your sales. Are you ready to get started? Let’s talk about it!

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