How to Build an Online Car Showroom for Better Sales

Technology is evolving quickly, but that is nothing new. However, the way that technology is being used by organizations, corporations, customers, etc. in real life is amazing. One of the most prominent examples of technology development for automotive shops is the virtual automobile showroom, which is becoming more and more popular in this age of digitalization.


The channels used to sell cars must adapt to the shifting preferences, attitudes, and behaviors of car buyers. Virtual showrooms are reshaping the way people shop for cars as they increasingly prefer digital to physical channels.


A developing market trend is the use of digital sales platforms; most major corporations are moving toward these platforms in order to stay current and competitive. Businesses like Tesla, BMW, Ford, and others are relocating their sales channels to the online world. Even used automobile dealers like Carvana allow customers the ease of buying vehicles online.


A buyer can have a convenient and individualized experience with an automotive virtual showroom. They won’t even have to leave their houses to find, evaluate, and choose their ideal car!


We will go into great detail about what a virtual car showroom is, how it is altering the automotive industry, and why you should use this technology in this post. Let’s start!


A virtual car showroom: what is it?


For internet customers, a virtual or digital vehicle showroom is a digital representation of a dealership. On these internet platforms, consumers may purchase vehicles from the convenience of their homes. For visitors to investigate and contrast their alternatives, a virtual auto showroom offers high-quality, captivating car photos and movies, frequently with interactive 360-degree car views. Customers may explore and compare cars with ease and enjoyment thanks to the extensive, rich, and informative virtual experience this offers.

Online Auto Showroom


Dealerships may digitally recreate the in-person vehicle purchase experience using virtual showrooms. With the aid of this technology, auto dealers may provide customers with a simple and practical means of viewing and purchasing vehicles.


In the past, purchasing a car or any other type of vehicle required going to the store, choosing the desired model, contrasting it with rival models, and weighing its benefits and drawbacks. By enabling customers to complete all of this while seated comfortably on their couch and at their own leisure, virtual automobile shopping streamlines the entire process.


For consumer research, VR car showrooms offer comprehensive, high-quality images and videos of vehicles along with all the essential information. For the benefit of the consumer, both interior and exterior images are displayed. The combination of these high-quality photographs and a true-to-life simulation of the showroom makes browsing for cars at digital dealerships enjoyable, simple, and reliable.


How do Online Car Shopping Simplified by Virtual Car Showrooms?


Buying a car the usual way can be difficult and problematic. Thank goodness, advances in technology have made it easier and more easy to buy cars. Online car shopping enables consumers to inspect, contrast, and evaluate vehicles, as well as their components, features, etc., at their own convenience and leisure.


Some significant elements that make online automobile shopping easier are:


1. Individualized Experience


Offer your customers a specialized virtual car-shopping experience based on their needs. Applying filters to your online inventory, contrasting various models and features, etc., will allow one to choose a desired model with a desired set of features. Additionally, you may look up their past activities on your website, request their contact information, and then send them tailored promotions.


2. Practicality


It’s difficult to ignore the comfort and convenience it offers while looking for a car online. Customers can now shop for a car whenever they want, even at two in the morning. Shopping for a car online is enjoyable whether you’re dressed up or not. In the truest sense, virtual dealerships are accessible around-the-clock.


3. Easy to use


Simply said, a trip to the showroom can be avoided right now. Buyers can see, evaluate, and compare without leaving their homes. The car will simply be brought to your door when it has been purchased. Stop hopping between many dealerships!


4. Absolutely none


Dealing with salespeople makes buyers uneasy rather frequently. You just need to go to the virtual showroom if you require an automobile. Without involving salesmen and their opinions, clever website design and system recommendations will provide buyers with comprehensive assistance in selecting their perfect car.


5. Experience with high-tech


Virtual showrooms provide customers with a distinctive, cutting-edge car-buying experience. They can view all the discounts and deals on your website without having to haggle. To increase interaction, you may also install a chatbot system; potential customers will receive prompt answers to their questions and be able to simply schedule test drives or call a salesperson at your dealership.


6. Boosted sales


Along with making automobile purchases simple and convenient, the interactive and fun online dealership experience draws in a lot of customers and greatly boosts sales. Over 90% of customers start their car-buying process online before moving to an in-person encounter later on. You can draw in these customers by developing an automotive digital retailing platform.


To expand car sales and maintain industry leadership, it’s imperative to change course and follow trends.


Using SimpSocial Virtual Studio, you can improve the car-buying process.


What distinguishes a superb virtual dealership experience, you ask? The answer is straightforward: use high-quality images and videos to grab clients’ attention and persuade them to buy. The choice process for cars is incredibly easy and convenient because to the high-quality images.

A studio must be built or rented, a car photographer must be hired, and then there is the time-consuming process of waiting for the shoot and post-production to be completed. You’ll have to wait even longer if the studio is busy or a crew member takes a day off, which increases your reliance on outside factors. Use a virtual studio for all of your needs related to vehicle photography for a quicker and better way to do this!

Regardless of the quantity of your inventory, Virtual Car Photography Studios can assist you in rapidly and affordably creating a digital showroom experience. Without hiring a pro or sacrificing quality, you can take and/or edit car visuals (pictures and movies).


SimpSocial is an all-in-one tool for building spectacular virtual auto showrooms for successful Internet sales. Our auto merchandising tools, virtual studio, and 360 spin help auto shops create high-quality catalogs that give customers a rich and thorough experience.

It’s important to provide customers with a welcoming digital experience because they largely or entirely rely on Internet platforms for their car purchases. SimpSocial makes sure that retailers’ online experiences are cutting-edge and of the highest caliber possible in order to draw in a sizable online audience, earn their confidence, and eventually increase sales figures.


Cost of Using SimpSocial AI to Create a Virtual Car Showroom


You can easily create a virtual vehicle showroom using SimpSocial’s AI-powered merchandising technology. With the help of the on-screen instructions, you can rapidly take images and movies using our smartphone app (available for iOS and Android).


No of the volume of work, the AI algorithms will process all of your visuals fast while keeping to the highest standards of quality when you use SimpSocial to edit your automobile pictures and movies. There’s no need to create a studio or hire pricey car dealership photography teams.


SimpSocial offers various subscription models for vehicle merchants (dealers and independent sellers); you can choose between our monthly and annual plans. The yearly subscription starts at USD 1440, while the monthly subscriptions start at USD 149 per month (both options allow you to edit up to 50 automobiles per month).


SimpSocial usage fees


We also have a direct credit purchasing option that allows you to buy however many credits you require. This ends up being a better value for franchise dealerships with a large inventory.


Visit the SimpSocial pricing plans to see our many subscription options. You can schedule a discovery call with one of our specialists for a more thorough explanation or additional information.


Future Auto Showrooms in Virtual Reality


The future of vehicle dealerships may be in virtual reality, according to market trends in the automotive industry. It is clear that traditional means of selling cars are being replaced by online techniques. The Gen Z generation and beyond hold the key to the future, and they choose the digital sphere. Like in a physical showroom, a virtual car showroom enables customers to investigate any vehicle model.


In the future, every vehicle store will have a digital sales channel even though conventional dealerships won’t disappear. While some will keep to displaying cars through interactive VDPs (Vehicle Display Pages), others will offer a full VR experience replete with a virtual driving simulator.


To stay competitive, any business, regardless of size, will need to adjust to the shifting consumer trends and embrace digital platforms to engage customers and give them a better experience.


Final Reflections


Your company must change along with technology as it does. The better you understand your consumers, the better you can attract and engage them. You must build a virtual auto showroom of the highest caliber with educational and engaging VDPs for each and every vehicle in your inventory if you want to succeed in digital retailing.


All of your vehicle display pages must include high-resolution photos and videos as well as all other details that customers require to make a decision. Once you take care of that, you’ll have a high-conversion online sales channel in your arsenal!

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