How to Boost Your Political Campaign Using Text and Voice Outreach

How to Boost Your Political Campaign Using Text and Voice Outreach


Your political campaign communications might be boosted with automated text and phone messaging. With election season rapidly coming, now is the ideal moment to double-check your outreach strategy. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re on the right track.

Using an SMS Keyword Campaign and Notifications, you may increase your subscriber base.


To get residents and voters to sign up for your mailing list, use keyword contests and promos. You can utilize mass text messaging to communicate with your voters and volunteers using your list for a variety of reasons:

Please keep me informed about upcoming events.

Remind yourself of crucial dates, such as election day!

Encourage volunteers to maintain their enthusiasm.

Send a Voice Broadcast Message to Your Audience

Voice Broadcast messaging can instantly connect you with tens of thousands or millions of people.

Make targeted phone calls to your key constituency groups.

Notify workers or voters about upcoming campaign rallies.

Access to statistics and data can assist you in making more informed decisions.

IVR can help you expand your capabilities (Interactive Voice Response)

To deliver excellent support to your campaign, you don’t need a large call center. Send automated messages with various key-press options for donating, answering inquiries, or signing up for a rally using IVR.


To conduct surveys and polls, use IVR.

Exportable stats that are simple to utilize to help you improve your plan

Call tracking can help you improve your results.


SimpSocial allows you to purchase as many toll-free phone numbers as you need to test various strategies and audiences. Place one number on a billboard and the other on your advertisement or mailer, and see which one receives the most calls. Real-time data are provided by SimpSocial, making it simple to track and alter your strategy.

No leads were lost. reduced overhead.
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